Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Tim is a brilliant painter and accomplished illustrator. For seventeen years he served as a community ministry with World Impact, ministering in Wichita, Los Angeles, and a short time in Newark, Tim created the picture book Psalm Twenty-Three. More than fifteen books followed as well as a host of editorial, cover, advertising, and narrative illustrations.

Tim earned a degree in graphic design from Wichita State University and also studied painting and drawing for a semester in Rome, Italy. After school, he worked as an associate art director for an advertising design studio, then as art director/illustrator for a New York publshing company, followed by eight years of freelance illustrating.

Tim has been a member of the staff of The Urban Ministry Institute since 2004, serving as illustrator and graphic designer.

Tim is married to Leah and has three children, Briana, Makayla and David.

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