The Urban Ministry Institute Staff                                          

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Without question, the best and most cherished asset of The Urban Ministry Institute is its staff. All of the various roles and tasks of its workers--from administration and informational technologies, to desktopping and wordprocessing--are staffed by full time missionaries and Christian workers who have spent significant time in ministry in urban communities. Their dedication, sacrifice and service make our wide array of goods and services possible.

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Sr. Vice President, World Impact
Executive Director, TUMI

Rev. Dr. Don Davis
Sr. Vice President, World Impact;
Executive Director, TUMI
Bob Stevenson
Satellite Director

Rev. Bob Engel
National Director of Church Planting
Luke Raughley
Evangel Dean Coach


Rev. Ted Smith
Executive Assistant to the
National Director of Church Planting
Head Dean, Evangel School of Urban CP
Lorna Rasmussen
Chief Project Officer

Dan Hennings
Church Resources IT Director
Andrew Lee
Executive Director of Operations
Wendy Cartagena
Assistant to Executive Director of Operations
Ryan Carter
Academic Dean
Dan Smith
Project Assistant
Christine Smith
Project Specialist
Carolyn Hennings
Desktop Publisher and Graphic Design
Beth Davis
Administrative Assistant
Bobby Gilmer
Music Production and Digital Platform Support
Daniel Davis
Web and Media Specialist
Ruth Ewert
Administrative Assistant
Charles Esters
Facilities Manager and Host
Juan Pablo Herrera
Field Representative
Mike Dicke
Field Representative
Kris Briggs
Field Representative
Tim Ladwig
Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Bobbi Lynn Jolly
Office Manager and Assistant to the Chief Project Officer
Rev. Al Ewert
Our Senior Leader, International Partners


Gustavo Delgado
Associate Satellite Director