Why We Do What We Do


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This program is designed to be flexible for students throughout our satellite network. Only 15 of this 40 hours need to be completed through the Tabor online courses. Many of the required courses will be able to be fulfilled at local juco or college campuses, while our primary goal is that most of them will also be offered by Tabor online. TUMI graduates who enroll in the AA program will be able to access traditional financial aid sources to complete the degree. While Tabor is finalizing their website that gives step by step instructions, we wanted to give you some basic information regarding this program.

  • 24 credit hours are given for TUMI Capstone Curriculum completion
  • 40 additional credit hours are required for an Associates degree (up to 10 of these credit hours may be earned for urban ministry practicum); only 15 of these hours must be completed from Tabor College, all of which will be accessible on-line)
  • There is a $50 per credit transfer fee for the 24 credits you will receive for Capstone in this program -- this totals $1,200 for the transfer of credits
  • 25 of the additional 40 hours that need to be taken to complete a degree may be taken at a local junior college
  • Students will have to pay Tabor's regular per credit hour fee for the Tabor classes they take (please contact Tabor for current tuition fee per credit hour)
  • There is a grant available that students can apply for to help with the $1,200 transfer fee as well as the credit cost for tuition for the Tabor classes