tabor building

Graduates of TUMI's Capstone Curriculum (the Certificate for Christian Leadership Studies) will contact Tabor directly and follow their protocol (see steps below). While not all of our graduates will take advantage of this, it is dramatically affirming to see how our Capstone training is seen in traditional Christian liberal arts college settings. This is remarkable; only 15 hours need to be taken online through Tabor, and the other 25 hours can be taken through a local junior college.  This is a great opportunity! We will keep you posted on progress.

  • Students may take courses at Tabor while they are completing their Certificate of Leadership Studies (Capstone Certificate). The Certificate of Leadership Studies must be completed BEFORE transferring any of the Capstone Course credit to Tabor.
  • Students will need to request an official FINAL transcript for their studies (which means all of their classes must be complete and grades reported) from the site coordinator of their TUMI site and ask them to email that Transcript (excel format) to you (or whomever is handling the application process for the students)

Although this is not the central reason for our training, it does validate the academic credibility of Capstone, and represents real empowerment for the leaders who elect to continue their studies. Please let your students know that if they decide they want to pursue this AA degree, all of the requirements and costs are their responsibility. The checklist below links you to all the informational pages and application for this program. This is a great opportunity, check it out!