cap mod 10Module 10: God the Son

The identity of the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the most critical subject in all Christian reflection and ministry. Indeed, it is impossible to minister in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ if that ministry is based upon false and ignoble views of whom he was (and is), what his life signified, and what we are to make of him today. Everything is at stake in our right conception of his life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return. This module highlights his majestic person and deeds, and mastering the biblical material on him is the task of all responsible discipleship and ministry.

In this important course we first consider the significance of the Nicene Creed for Christological studies, especially how it frames Christ's work as two movements: his humiliation (i.e., his becoming human and dying on the cross for our sakes) and his exaltation (his resurrection, ascension, and the hope of his return in power). We explore the humanity of Christ and its dual focus: to reveal to us the Father's glory and redeem us from sin and Satan's power. We note key heresies calling into question his human nature, and explore the theological implications of Jesus' humiliation and death, and the various theories of atonement which have sought to explain the meaning of his death for humankind. Finally, we consider aspects of two events which mark the exaltation of Christ, i.e., his resurrection and his ascension to the Father. We close our study by looking at his coming in glory, his judgment of the nations, and his coming reign as King in the Kingdom of God.

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