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 The enemy of the Kingdom of God has bound men to the pleasures and concerns of this world.  Men have lost sight of the unshakeable Kingdom.  But the return of the King is inevitable.  This present world will be shaken to the core, and what's really real, the true eternal Kingdom of God, now invisible, will become visible.  Righteousness, peace, and joy will rule in the Kingdom.  Until that day, the Captain of the Lord's army is calling men to engage the forces of darkness and the cares of this world.  These warriors carry a shield whose inner core is one of honor.  Their life is one of rugged sacrifice and uncompromising vigilance.  These are the unwavering warriors who fight with valor for the expansion and advancement of the unshakeable Kingdom.


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Session 1- Plan                                            Session 2- Sacrifice                                                Session 3- Wait
Download the Powerpoint Presentation                  Download the Powerpoint Presentation                    Download the Powerpoint Presentation
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Dr. Don Davis - The Bride of Christ                                            Dr. Don Davis - SIAFU Network                                                Rev. Bob Engel - The Womp Game


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Unshakable Kingdom by Don L. Davis & Bobby Gilmer

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