Mission-Critical Perspectives

As an evangelical ministry to the city, The Urban Ministry Institute seeks to integrate its spiritual formation, projects, and ministries around a set of deeply held perspectives that direct our efforts and shape our commitments. The following concise list represents the Mission-Critical Perspectives that we prize, those commitments and insights which enable us to pursue our goals and take advantage of our opportunities. Together, they represent a clear snapshot of our most deeply cherished truths, those ideas which inform and direct our actions and outreaches here.

Valores fundamentales

Como un ministerio evangélico para la ciudad, el Instituto de Ministerio Urbano busca integrar su formación espiritual, proyectos y ministerios en torno a un conjunto de valores profundamente arraigados que dirigen nuestros esfuerzos y dan forma a nuestros compromisos. La siguiente lista concisa representa los valores fundamentales que valoramos, aquellos compromisos y perspectivas que nos permiten perseguir nuestros objetivos y aprovechar nuestras oportunidades. Juntos, representan una imagen clara de nuestras verdades más profundamente apreciadas, esas ideas que informan y dirigen nuestras acciones y actividades de divulgación aquí.

  • 1 The Calling of God
  • 2 The Centrality of the Church
  • 3 God's Election of the Humble
  • 4 The Kingdom of God
  • 5 The Power of Community
  • 6 The Standard of Excellence
  • 7 The Explosiveness of Multiplication
  • We do all we do fully assured that God is at this very moment calling, gifting, and anointing men and women in the city to represent his interests there, and are convinced that these chosen city leaders will be the vessels through whom he advances his Kingdom.

    El llamado de Dios

    Hacemos todo lo que hacemos con total seguridad de que Dios está en este mismo momento llamando, dando dones y ungiendo a hombres y mujeres en la ciudad para representar sus intereses allí, y estamos convencidos de que estos líderes de la ciudad elegidos serán los vasos a través de los cuales avanzará su Reino (Romanos 8:28).
  • We hold deeply the conviction that effective ministry takes place in the Body of Christ, the agent of the Kingdom, where we facilitate the multiplication of healthy, reproducing urban churches, especially among the poor.

    La Centralidad de la iglesia

    Mantenemos profundamente la convicción de que el ministerio efectivo tiene lugar en el Cuerpo de Cristo, el agente del Reino, donde facilitamos la multiplicación de iglesias urbanas sanas y en reproducción, especialmente entre los pobres (1 Timoteo 3:15).
  • We possess a certitude that God has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of this world to be rich in faith and to inherit the Kingdom which He promised to those who love Him (James 2:5).

    La Elección de Dios de los Humildes

    Tenemos la certeza de que Dios ha elegido a los pobres a los ojos de este mundo para ser ricos en fe y heredar el Reino que prometió a los que lo aman (Santiago 2:5).
  • We are burdened to see the freedom, wholeness, and justice of the Kingdom of God embodied, celebrated, and proclaimed in church communities who show visibly what the "Rule of God" looks like when it is embraced by people who acknowledge Christ's lordship.

    El Reino de Dios

    Tenemos la carga de ver la libertad, la integridad y la justicia del Reino de Dios encarnadas, celebradas y proclamadas en las comunidades eclesiásticas que muestran visiblemente cómo es la "Regla de Dios" cuando es abrazada por personas que reconocen el señorío de Cristo (Mateo 6:33).
  • We share a passion to employ innovative distance education programming to create and outfit a network of training centers in urban areas that provide excellent,affordable, and spiritually dynamic ministry education that is sensitive to urban culture.

    El Poder de la Comunidad

    Compartimos la pasión de emplear programas innovadores de educación a distancia para crear y equipar una red de centros de capacitación en áreas urbanas que brinden una educación ministerial excelente, asequible y espiritualmente dinámica que sea sensible a la cultura urbana (1 Corintios 12:27).
  • We are held by the consuming belief that all effective, credible leadership development demands the requisite formality and rigor of disciplined excellence, with a flat refusal to be remedial or second-class.

    El Estándar de Excelencia

    Tenemos la convicción de que todo desarrollo de liderazgo efectivo y creíble exige la formalidad y el rigor necesarios para la excelencia disciplinada, con un rechazo rotundo a ser remediador o de segunda clase (1 Corintios 10:31).
  • We are zealous to facilitate and empower urban church planting movements that share a common spirituality, express freedom in cultural expression, and strategically combine their resources to reach and transform the cities of America and the world.

    La Explosividad de la Multiplicación

    Somos celosos de facilitar y empoderar los movimientos de plantación de iglesias urbanas que comparten una espiritualidad común, expresan la libertad en la expresión cultural y combinan estratégicamente sus recursos para alcanzar y transformar las ciudades de América y el mundo (2 Timoteo 2:2).






core values set

TUMI Satellite Summit

Check out our previous Summits below.

2017: Forging Identity

forgining identity 2017 463x600The theme of the 2017 TUMI Summit was Forging Identity: Destroying Strongholds, Forming Christlikeness. We explored the idea of training and educating for the sake of helping our students come to know who they are in Christ, combating the lies of the enemy to interfere with that affirmation, and the practical methods to help them achieve this goal. 

The three plenaries each focused on a different aspect of what it means to Forge Identity. All three are available for viewing here, along with a summary of what is happening with the TUMI Expansion around the world:

Exciting things happened at this Summit!

  • More than 300 Satellite partners from across the US and world were present—leaders from site locations such as Cuba, Mexico, Romania, Rwanda, and India.
  • God moved greatly through our gathering, as one conferee was heard to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve been going to conferences all my life and have been looking for something like this.”
  • The level of networking at the time was fruitful and amazing. We organized prison workshops for Prison Fellowship leaders who run sites within prison yards, and we hosted times with sites who train leaders in middle class/suburban communities as well.
  • We debuted our Swahili translation of Fight the Good Fight of Faith for Bishop Charles of Tanzania, a leader in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, and our Telugu Fight the Good Fight of Faith translation for our partners in India.
  • We received two new language translation requests for that resource there!
  • At the Summit’s end, we hosted a gathering of Latin American leaders who oversee Spanish-language TUMI satellites. Our TUMI Spanish coordinator, Gustavo Delgado, facilitated the time in Spanish. They reported how God was moving in their context, and brainstormed how they might leverage their sphere of influence in light of the TUMI expansion. At the end, they claimed 12 areas and 57 new satellites they hope to launch in the immediate future! We needed only to encourage and release them. They both own the vision, and are determined to do what they can to multiply laborers in countries desperate for the Gospel.

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Additional SUMMIT 2017 Photos

2015: The Power of Team

power of team 2016 463x600We hosted our 2015 Satellite Summit with the theme The Power of Team on May 15-17, 2015. We focused on the power of teamwork and the synergistic impact it has on the advance of the Kingdom.  We welcomed delegates from over 197 satellites in 14 countries.  God blessed our time of teaching, learning, fellowship, worship and prayer. 

The three plenaries each focused on a different aspect of the Power of Team. All three are available for viewing here:


Don and Beth Davis, Celebrating Forty Years of Ministry Videos:


power of team summit photo bannerAdditional 2015 Summit Photos 

2014: The Fight for the Future Begins

the fight for the future begins 2014 463x600
















2013: Mission Impossible: Adapt to Win

mission impossible adapt to win 2013 463x600
















2011: Back to the Future

back to the future 2011 463x600
















2010: The Good Shepherd

the good shepherd 2010 463x600
















2009: Like a Master Builder

like a master builder 2009 463x600
















2007: The Battle Belongs to the Lord

the battle belongs to the lord 2007 463x600
















2006: Gaining Momentun

gaining momentum 2006 463x600
















2002: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

prepare ye the way of the lord 2002 463x600