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The following is a list of every resouce available through TUMI (except art -- all of our art can be found at www.tumi.org/art).  Please click on the link below to find the resource(s) you are looking for. These items are found in several of our stores, each of which has its own shopping cart.

Our Premiere Training Resources

The Capstone Curriculum / Curriculum Piedra Angular

 The Capstone Curriculum
Capstone Curriculum is a 16-module training program, taught at a seminary level, which we specifically designed to serve as the most essential knowledge and skill learning necessary for effective urban ministry. Each module (course) comes with a Mentor’s Guide, a Student Workbook and two DVD’s (four hours of video). Each module also has required supplemental textbooks.

Currículum Piedra Angular
El Currículo Piedra Angular es un programa de capacitación de 16 módulos, a nivel de seminario, diseñado específicamente como el conjunto de conocimientos básicos y destrezas necesarias para un ministerio urbano efectivo. Cada módulo (curso) se compone de: la Guía del Mentor, un Libro de Trabajo para el Estudiante, y dos DVD’s (cuatro horas de duración).  Además, cada módulo requiere libros adicionales.

The Master the Bible System

MTB new design complete set 062012-800Our Master the Bible System program can help you gain a thorough understanding of the storyline and doctrine of the Bible through Scripture memorization. This system can be used for followup for new believers in getting them grounded in the essentials of the faith as well as for maturing disciples of Christ who want to master the Scriptures!

Foundations for Ministry Series Courses


We designed The Foundations for Ministry Series from select training venues (courses, workshops, meetings) which we have hosted at our local seminary, Hope School of Ministry. The topics and materials covered in these resources are foundational to effective urban ministry, and will undoubtedly prove invaluable to anyone seeking to equip leaders in urban churches.

All Foundations for Ministry Series are specially designed to help leaders grow in their knowledge of Scripture, theology, the Christian life, and practical ministry. Ideal for either individual or group study, including Sunday schools, Bible studies, and small groups. Get seminary-level training in these studies at an affordable price!

The Nicene Creed and The Apostles' Creed Posters

nicene_480x480_frontThe Nicene Creed is our curricula’s critical foundation. It serves as our understanding of historic orthodoxy, and provides us with the content to create various syllabi for catechetical teaching in Christian belief and doctrine. We are convinced that a vital, spiritual understanding of the Nicene Creed can ground new believers in the faith, serve as a basis for doctrinal and theological education for the Church, and can be effectively integrated as a key component in our services of worship (liturgy). Furthermore, we believe the Nicene Creed provides us with the essential outline for doctrinal formation of the church’s leaders and undershepherds.

The Apostles' Creed: Arguably one of the most important statements in the history of the Church, this ancient creed functioned as a confession of faith new believers entering the ancient church, i.e., especially for those who had received baptismal training based on its major teachings. It has served for centuries as a summary of foundational Christian doctrine, becoming known as a "rule of faith," i.e., a baseline testimony of Christian belief which gave unity to Christian teaching, helping to identify heretical teachings out of sync with orthodox doctrine.

Spiritual Formation Resources
Jesus Cropped From the Picture


Jesus Cropped From the Picture: Why Christian Get Bored and How to Restore them to Vibrant Faith, by Rev. Don Allsman.  Why are many churches shrinking? Why are so many Christians bored? Could it be that the well-meaning attempt to simplify the gospel message for contemporary culture has produced churches full of discouraged people secretly longing for something more? Jesus Cropped from the Picture describes this phenomenon and proposes a return to our sacred roots as a guard against spiritual lethargy and a way to enhance spiritual vibrancy.

Don Allsman is a Vice President of World Impact, and the Satellite Director of The Urban Ministry Institute.

Sacred Roots: A Primer on Retrieving the Great Tradition

Sacred Roots: A Primer on Retrieving the Great Tradition, by Dr. Don L. Davis.  sacred_roots_book_image_for_web-800The Christian Faith is anchored on the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, whose incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection forever changed the world. Between the years 100 and 500 C.E. those who believed in him grew from a small persecuted minority to a strong aggressive movement reaching far beyond the bounds of the Roman empire. The roots this era produced gave us our canon (the Scriptures), our worship, and our conviction (the major creed os the Church, and the central tenets of the Faith, especially regarding the doctrine of the Trinity and Christ). This book suggests how we can renew our contemporary faith again, by rediscovering these roots, our Sacred Roots, by retrieving the Great Tradition of the Church that launched the Christian revolution.

Dr. Don L. Davis is the Vice President of Leadership Development of World Impact, and the Director of The Urban Ministry Institute.

Raíces Sagradas: Un Tratado sobre la necesidad de Recuperar la Gran Tradición, Dr. Don L. Davis.  La fe Cristiana se basa en la persona y la obra de Jesús de Nazaret, el Cristo, cuya encarnación, crucifixión y resurrección cambiaron para siempre al mundo. Entre los años 100 y 500 d.C. los creyentes, siendo una pequeña minoría perseguida, pasaron a ser un fuerte movimiento agresivo que llegó mucho más allá de los límites del imperio romano. Las raíces que esta era produjo trajeron consigo nuestro canon (las Escrituras), nuestra adoración y nuestra convicción (los principales credos de la Iglesia y los dogmas centrales de la fe, especialmente con relación a la doctrina de la Trinidad y de Cristo). Este libro sugiere cómo podemos nuevamente renovar nuestra fe contemporánea, redescubriendo nuestras raíces, nuestras Raíces Sagradas, mediante la recuperación de la Gran Tradición de la Iglesia que puso en marcha la revolución cristiana.

El Dr. Don Davis es el Vice Presidente del departamento de Desarrollo de Liderazgo de World Impact y el Director del Instituto de Ministerio Urbano.

In A Nutshell Series: The Most Amazing Story Ever Told

The_Most_Amazing_4dd2b3b84609dThe  In a Nutshell series covers a wide variety of topics related to our Sacred Roots. In The Most Amazing Story Ever Told, you will read about how the Story of God can effect our lives, our discipleship, and themission of the Church.

What does the biblical Story of God's love in Christ have in common with comic book tales, hero journeys, or fairy tales?

In this Story, all who believe that Jesus is the Christ can be transformed from frogs to princes and princesses, through the power of the Spirit and faith in the Gospel. In a world that is dizzy through dozens of contradictory, competing stories, we who believe must now rediscover the Story of God in Christ as the final story of all things, the center of our lives, and the heart of our mission.

TUMI Annual: The Just Shall Live by Faith

2011-12_annual_cover-400_wmOur guidebook this year is entitled The Just Shall Live by Faith: The Sacred Roots Annual 2011-12.  Inspired by God’s great pronouncement in Habakkuk chapter 2, we will seek to strengthen our faith in the God through the Lord Jesus, and come to understand better the nature of saving and sustaining faith in God and his promise.  We themed this focus in conjunction with our Sacred Roots resource initiative to enable churches to retrieve the Great Tradition, this is our official spiritual formation resource for the upcoming year.  This attractive, rich guide is organized in order to help you conveniently follow the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary -- Year B, a chronological guide through the Bible, along with various readings, prayers, practices, and disciplines to help your family and church walk through the Church Year together.  We trust that you will be greatly enriched and encouraged as you walk with us as we follow Christ. This motif represents the thematic center for our Church year programming this 2011-2012 planning session.

Our Sacred Roots Annual follows the calendar events of the Church Year and is organized in order to help you conveniently follow our various readings, prayers, practices, and disciplines as we walk through the Church Year together. With our various emphases and practices, we trust that you will be greatly enriched and encouraged as you walk with us as we follow Christ. Purchase your copy today.


A Sojourners Quest

sojourners_quest_image_for_web-50011-12annual_quest-600A Sojourner's Quest resource reader is a companion to our Sacred Roots Annual. To sojourn on spiritual pilgrimage is one of the most vivid and vibrant motifs of spiritual formation in Scripture for the people of God. As a special companion for our Annual, A Sojourner’s Quest is filled with prayers, resources, and insights that will refresh and nourish you greatly as you walk in the Living Way of Christ!  Purchase your copy today.

Our Annual was created and coordinated with our 2011-12 Church Year Calendar: The Just Shall Live By Faith, as well as A Sojourner's QuestA Sojourner's Quest resource reader is a companion to the Annual, designed to enrich your walk further with its readings, prayers, poems, and articles. Purchase the Annual together with A Sojourner's Quest at a significant discount. 

The Just Shall Live by Faith: Church Year Calendar 2011-2012, Year B

11-12_english_cal_cover-400_wmOur annual was created and coordinated with our 2011-12 Church Year Calendar:  The Just Shall Live By Faith.  Use these two wonderfully designed resources to enhance your church, family, and personal understanding and living out of the Story of the Christ throughout the year!  (Please notice that the Calendar is designed as an ancient book, written on aging parchment leaves, which are turned visually as you progress through the year.)

We praise God that we are able to offer to you this year our very first Church Year Calendar in Spanish!  Purchase your Calendars today

Let God Arise! Prayer Guide

lga_web_picTUMI operates under the conviction that unless the Lord arises and scatters his enemies in the inner cities of America, as is prayed in Psalm 68, they will remain lifeless and lost. The freedom, wholeness, and justice of God will only prevail through an anointing from him, an infusion of his grace and provision that will revive his people, win the lost, and let justice roll down. This prayer guide represents our attempt to challenge and mobilize believers to cry out day and night to God on behalf of a slumbering Church and those suffering and dying without Christ.

This challenging Let God Arise! prayer guide was inspired by a Gospel tract written by Jonathan Edwards decades ago calling for concerted prayer for revival! This short but meaty booklet issues a call to anyone seeking the city’s healing and transformation to intercede in a passionate and disciplined way on behalf of the unreached urban poor worldwide. Obtain your copies of Let God Arise today, and begin with your group the rewarding ministry of disciplined intercession for the inner cities of America and the world!

Chronological Reading Guide

2010-2011_reading_guide_image_for_web_-_copy-600Reading through the Bible each year is a sound discipline, but also reading the Scriptures in the order that the events occurred can make that reading even more enlightening!  We have produced a through-the-Bible in one year guide with its content organized in chronological order.  Adapted from the superb Tyndale House edition of the The One Year Chronological Bible (Wheaton: Tyndale House Publishers, 2000), this guide follows the Church Year's time schedule, starting on November 29 (i.e., the start of Year C, the 2009-10 Church Year) and ends the readings November 27. You can now read through the entire Bible in one year as you journey through the events of Christ's work in the world, from the promise of his coming during Advent to the celebration of coming again in the Reign of Christ the King.

Once Upon a Time: The Cosmic Drama Through a Biblical Narration of the World

once_upon_a_time_brochure_image_for_web-300Understanding the Bible as a continuing narrative from creation to consummation follows both the theological and logical flow of the unique library that the Word of God is, and corresponds to the exegesis of Christ and his apostles.  Hopefully, by familiarizing ourselves with this plot and storyline here we will be in a better position to integrate its message into our theology, worship, spirituality, service, and mission.

Once Upon a Time: The Cosmic Drama Through a Biblical Narration of the World's storyline chronicles the testimony of Scripture to the Story of God from creation to re-creation.  This outline, by definition, is both selective and representative, and is meant to provide the reader with an overarching sense of the biblical Story’s plot and development.  Available both in brochure (10 pack) as well as poster formats.
Altar Cross and Seasonal Dressings

crosscombo4In many homes, small groups, and churches, believers use the settings of the Cross with dressings to mark the various seasons of the Church year.  For a limited time, we are happy make available to you a cross and dressings for your church or family altar. This attractive Cross (20 1/2" tall) and satin dressings can be used a striking reminder of the seasonal focus as we observe the feasts and festivals of the Church Year.

Beautifully crafted, these pieces can help focus our attention on Christ and our hope in him as we journey through the Christian calendar.  You can purchase these pieces separately, or at a discount together, as a package. Purchase here.

Making Joyful Noises: A Musicians Resource Guide

203107730v4_240x240_size5frontMastering the key elements of music is central for any aspiring musician. This ready-reference handbook of music theory and musicianship represents the concise summary of many years experience in training both worship leaders and musicians the elementary principles of good music composition and play. This handy guidebook was designed to serve as a crash-course in effective musicianship. Among other helpful items, it includes clear, accessible descriptions of the elements of music, music theory, including such essentials as the universal key, how to learn rhythm and make riffs on one's instrument, chord changing theory, and a host of other important tools for the worshiping musician determine to improve their craft. This booklet contains the basic fundamentals of music. Each of these fundamentals is explained briefly, not with an emphasis on theory alone. The focus is on learning the fundamentals so you can practice using that knowledge to master them. This is written from a very non-technical standpoint, although it is a treasure of music theory. Focus on the fundamentals, learn the theory, and translate the theory into practice, always remembering the reason for all of your hard work at developing your music skill--your love for our triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Obey him by trying to make a joyful noise to the Lord!

Church Planting Tools

The Heroic Venture

heroic_venture_pic-200Rev. Don Allsman, vice president of World Impact and Satellite Director, has written a masterful textbook for urban leaders on how to organize resources for maximum success. Entitled, The Heroic Venture: A Parable of Project Leadership, this book surveys the wisdom of project management using the expedition of the Lewis and Clark as an organizing center.

Covering dozens of projects in the Bible, this practical guide to project management provides you with all you need to know in order to run well-planned, smartly-executed projects in your church or ministry. 

An invaluable resource you’ll refer to over and over again.

Church Resource CD

cd2This is our one-of-a-kind, comprehensive digital library of all the necessary info, forms, and resources to help you plant and multiply healthy urban churches.

This Church Resource CD contains well over 200 pages of church resources for worship, nurture and growth, service and ministry aids, evangelism and outreach, membership guides, administration and leadership tools, and more.

Church Plant School Training Manual

cpsbinderwebpicTake full advantage of our expertise and teaching as experienced missionary urban church planters!  This training binder is our official workshop packet of World Impact’s Urban Cross-cultural Church Plant School, a multi-day training seminar designed to equip urban church plant teams to do pioneer missions in America’s inner cities. This Church Plant School Training Manual is a great resource that contains all the themes, teachings, team exercises, and seminar notes that have equipped numbers of urban church plant teams!  Following World Impact's PLANT model of church planting (Prepare, Launch, Assemble, Nurture, and Transition), this resource carefully covers each phase of church planting inviting the church planters to think carefully through each phase of the church plant itself. 

Included are the actual exercises, teaching outlines, counseling questions, and information resources for each phase.

Leading and Feeding Urban Church Planting Teams

crop_for_webLeading and Feeding Urban Church Planting Teams is a concise and insightful field manual for the care and feeding of those planting churches in the city.

This manual outlines the critical objectives, principles, and steps involved in leading effective urban church plant teams in unreached urban communities. It includes all the principles you'll need to lead your own team, or help others stay on course as they plant healthy churches for Christ in the city.

Timothy Conference Workbook: Church Plant Leaders Training

timothy_webIn the Timothy Conference Workbook you will find the complete outlines of TUMI's first major church planting summit on releasing aggressive, apostolic church plant teams in unreached urban neighborhoods. Ground breaking and inspiring, this manual contains the complete set of plenary outlines and notes of World Impact's first major church plant team leader summit, dubbed The Timothy Conference.

The lessons learned from the sessions, dialogues, and presentations of this conference laid a foundation for all of World Impact's urban church plant strategy, and continues to inform every dimension of TUMI's work on church plant movements and leadership development.

Satellite Resources

Multiplying Laborers for the Urban Harvest Guidebook

MLFTUH_image_for_web-600Our Multiplying Laborers for the Urban Harvest Guidebook is our how-to comprehensive guide for churches and organizations considering the pros and cons of creating an urban leadership training center. Based on the latest research of theological and biblical education today, we designed this resource to guide you through the entire rationale and procedure of starting a training center in your church or organization.

Convinced that the church is the best venue to equip effective ministry leaders, this innovative workbook gives you all you need to start your institute, from concept to first class session!

S.O.S. Saving Our Sons: Confronting the Lure of Islam with Truth, Faith & Courage

savingoursonsThis is a wonderful resource for urban churches to orient their congregations about the tenets of Islam, why it is having such an impact in the African American community, and how we as believers in Christ can offer a compelling alternative to its potent appeal.  At TUMI National we are planning on using this text as a resource in both courses and workshops to help train our students in giving compelling answers to those drawn to Islam's claims in urban neighborhoods.

S.O.S. Saving Our Sons Confronting the Lure of Islam with Truth, Faith & Courage, while not answering every question about the complex religious faith and practice of Islam, does provide a handy and accessible guidebook to provide Christians with a ready answer to why the Christian story, God's work in Christ, is still the greatest story ever told, and the most transforming good news for all who believe it in the cities of America.

Equipping God's Leaders: The Urban Ministry Institute Mentor Manual

Mentor Manual image for web-600The Equipping God's Leaders: The Urban Ministry Institute Mentor Manual is designed to help you understand the purpose of The Urban Ministry Institute and the critical role that Mentors play in helping us provide quality theological and ministry education to church leaders in the city. In our approach to distance-education, the Mentor is a classroom instructor who not only enhances the students understanding of the video or audio lesson content but plays the critical role in helping the student apply that learning to his or her ministry context. Mentors play an indispensable role in our training process.

This booklet represents a comprehensive how-to for Mentors to understand both the elements of our teaching philosophy and the mechanics of facilitating a satellite course. Order copies for each of your mentors to assist them in their ministry training work at your satellite.

Capstone Circle Posters

capposterOur Capstone Circle Posters are a graphic illustration that summarize the content of TUMI’s premiere seminary-level training modules, the Capstone Curriculum. Now in use by our satellites across the nation, this curriculum is specially designed for a variety of formats, places, and times. This is an at-a-glance diagram that shows Capstone’s 16 modules in their respective department areas (Biblical Studies – red; Theology and Ethics – blue; Christian Ministry – orange; and Urban Mission – purple). Churches and organizations across the country employ The Capstone Curriculum to equip urban leaders for effective ministry in the city.

Use this circle diagram to display the entire Capstone curriculum in your satellite classroom for mentors, students, and supporters. The “at-a-glance” nature of the diagram makes it the perfect tool to help students understand how the modules fit together, as well as offer them encouragement as they progress through the program.

TUMI Gifts and Apparel

Along with our training resources, we have a host of other items from clothing to clocks that utilize our art and logos. Take advantage of these great products!  Even though there is one image selected below for each of these products, many of the products have multiple designs. Find the one you are looking for by visiting our TUMICafe Press store directly (the links to the varied designs are on the left side of the page):

              Gym Bag                                 Hoodie Sweatshirt                                 Long-sleeve T-shirt                                        Messenger Bag    

   gymbag                       hoodie                                 longsleeve                                      messengerbag

     Beach Tote                                     Note Cards                                                  Clocks                                                            Journals    

      beachtote                        notecards                                 wallclock                                        journal

                    Short-sleeve T-shirts                                   Mugs                                                     Mousepads                                        At-A-Glance Year Calendars     

     tshirt                             mug                               mousepad                                       calendar

What does the biblical Story of God's love in Christ have in common with comic book tales, hero journeys, or fairy tales? 

In this Story, all who believe that Jesus is the Christ can be transformed from frogs to princes and princesses, through the power of the Spirit and faith in the Gospel. In a world that is dizzy through dozens of contradictory, competing stories, we who believe must now rediscover the Story of God in Christ as the final story of all things, the center of our lives, and the heart of our mission.