TUMI Graduations


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Commencement services in the TUMI network represents our opportunity to recognize the extraordinary achievement and sacrifice made by our graduates.  It is more than a mere recognition of their academic achievement.  Rather, it is our chance to affirm their calling and potential in the presence of their family, friends, and colleagues--to express our confidence in their work and confess their call to serve in the body of Christ.

TUMI graduates have spent over 250 hours in the classroom, and easily spent 2 or 3 times that many hours studying, reading books, preparing papers, organizing presentations, and participating in ministry projects that invested their learning in the life of their church and of other people around them.  During the completion of their degree, they took approximately 100 tests, memorized scores of Scriptures, answered innumerable questions in the classroom, and grappled with integrating theological truth into their day-to-day life and ministry.

They did this, in most cases, while working full-time jobs, serving in church-leadership, and very often managing marriage and family life as well. They have rigorously applied themselves to the Word of God, to the principles of Christian ministry, and to the cultivation of the skills necessary for leadership among the people of God.

We celebrate our graduates nationally and internationally!

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TUMI National hosted graduations in Wichita in 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2006. Twelve of our students have graduated with their Certificate in Urban Theological Studies (32 credits) and two students graduated with their Ministerial Studies Diploma (64 credits).

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In 2009, we had our very first Satellite graduations! What an incredible blessing to us to see graduates from these satellites stateside and overseas.  TUMI National also hosted our 5th commencement service.

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2010 was another amazing year for graduating TUMI students throughout our satellite network. Click the link to see photos of the graduates.

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2011 was a tremendous year for TUMI graduates throughout our satellite network. We hosted our first ever in-prison graduation, with more than 300 in attendance. Celebrate the success of all of our graduates with us. Brothers and sisters continue to be trained and sent out!

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In 2012 TUMI continues to grow at an amazing rate! As the number of satellite sites rise, so are the number of TUMI graduates who are being trained up and sent out into the cities. Click here to see some of the 2012 TUMI graduations happening in the US and across the globe.

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With every calendar year, TUMI is growing exponentially! That means the number of trained and equipped graduates is growing as well. 2013 is looking to be a record breaking year for students graduating from TUMI. Click here to see some of the 2013 TUMI graduations.

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This year we are once again celebrated an unprecidented number of TUMI graduates. Congratulations to each and every one! We are proud of you. Click here to see some of the 2014 TUMI graduations.

2014 Graduations

As TUMI continues to grow, we celebrate with our new graduates! Click here to see some of the 2015 TUMI graduations.

2016 Graduations

We celebrate our new gradutes for 2016!  Click here to see the names of the 2016 TUMI graduates.