Our Core Values

As an evangelical ministry to the city, The Urban Ministry Institute seeks to integrate its spiritual formation, projects, and ministries around a set of deeply held values that direct our efforts and shape our commitments.  The following concise list represents the core values that we prize, those commitments and insights which enable us to pursue our goals and take advantage of our opportunities.  Together, they represent a clear snapshot of our most deeply cherished truths, those ideas which inform and direct our actions and outreaches here.

The Calling of God

We do all we do fully assured that God is at this very moment calling, gifting, and anointing men and women in the city to represent his interests there, and are convinced that these chosen city leaders will be the vessels through whom he advances his Kingdom.

The Centrality of the Church

We hold deeply the conviction that effective ministry takes place in the Body of Christ, the agent of the Kingdom, where we facilitate the multiplication of healthy, reproducing urban churches, especially among the poor.

God's Election of the Humble

We possess a certitude that God has chosen those who are poor in the eyes of this world to be rich in faith and to inherit the Kingdom which He promised to those who love Him (James 2:5).

The Kingdom of God

We are burdened to see the freedom, wholeness, and justice of the Kingdom of God embodied, celebrated, and proclaimed in church communities who show visibly what the "Rule of God" looks like when it is embraced by people who acknowledge Christ's lordship.

The Power of Community

We share a passion to employ innovative distance education programming to create and outfit a network of training centers in urban areas that provide excellent,
affordable, and spiritually dynamic ministry education that is sensitive to urban culture.

The Standard of Excellence

We are held by the consuming belief that all effective, credible leadership development demands the requisite formality and rigor of disciplined excellence, with a flat refusal to be remedial or second-class.

The Explosiveness of Multiplication

We are zealous to facilitate and empower urban church planting movements that share a common spirituality, express freedom in cultural expression, and strategically combine their resources to reach and transform the cities of America and the world.