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img_0068-300Join Us As We Advance the Kingdom in the City!
We are in need of qualified, committed, and competent urban missionaries or volunteers to join us as we empower church planting movements across America!  If you believe God is calling you to serve as an urban missionary or collaborate with us as a volunteer, please note the positions open and requirements below.  We offer the available and qualified supporter, volunteer, donor, or applicant a range of ways to contribute to our vision.
Become an Urban Missionary with World Impact

All members of TUMI’s National staff are committed urban missionaries–members of World Impact’s Religious Missionary Order.  Those interested in serving with us at TUMI must apply for full-time missionary staff with World Impact.

Regardless of their skills and ministry assignments, each individual is a dedicated urban missionary, desiring to win the lost, disciple the growing, and plant churches among the various people groups in the city.  Are you interested in serving Christ as a missionary with World Impact?  Find out how!

♦  Become an Urban Missionary with World Impact

Establish an Accredited Partnership

Although TUMI has chosen to be and remain non-accredited in order to keep our resources available to deserving urban leaders who seek our training, we also are unashamedly committed to academic excellence and quality leadership education.  We demonstrate this commitment not only in the quality of our educational programming, but also how we partner with accredited liberal arts schools and seminaries where our faculty teach and offer courses.

Tabor College, Associate of Arts degree in Urban Ministry
Tabor College is partnering with TUMI to use Capstone as the basis of its AA degree in Urban Ministry.

Lancaster Bible College
Lancaster College is partnering with TUMI to provide credit for Capstone at Lancaster.

College Inter-Term Courses
Together with Tabor College, The Urban Ministry Institute sponsors an Inter-term course during the month of January hosted at our campus in Wichita, Kansas.

Houston Graduate School of Theology
Up until recently, Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis served as adjunct faculty member of Houston Graduate School of Theology, and taught doctoral fellows in their Doctor of Ministry Degree Program.

Barclay College
Students from Barclay College have participated with TUMI faculty in various short term exposure learning events on urban mission and urban theology.   Exposure to our city and its need was supplemented with solid lecture and dialogue regarding issues relevant to urban sociology and theology.

Fuller Theological Seminary
The Urban Ministry Institute has formed a strategic partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary by which students who complete their TUMI Capstone Curriculum will have the opportunity to apply for Special Student Status for a masters program at Fuller Theological Seminary.

The Urban Ministry Institute has formed a strategic partnership with the New York Christian College (NYACK) by which students will receive transfer credits for the completion of the Capstone Curriculum for those students who wish to pursue a degree program with NYACK College. Each of the 16 modules from TUMI is worth 1.5 credits, for a potential total of 24 transfer credits

City Vision University University
City Vision has a special partnership with TUMI to provide accredited Bachelor's in Addiction Studies, Urban Missions or Non Profit Management degrees. City Vision University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. 

Pillar College
Pillar College welcomes TUMI students and offers the opportunity for students from The Urban Ministry Institute to transfer credit to Pillar.  Each module is worth 1.5 credits at Pillar, with a total of 24 credits potentially transferred into Pillar College

Cairn University
Cairn University will provide qualified TUMI students with an organizational tuition discount for various Masters programs.  

International Christian College and Seminary 
International Christian College and Semianry is offering degree credit to TUMI students who transfer completed TUMI modules. Each of the 16 modules from TUMI is worth 2 credits, for a potential total of 32 transfer credits. That’s almost a year’s worth of traditional college.  All enrolling students will also have access to scholarships. Inmates Welcome.

International Christian College and Seminary / Administrator
Colegio Biblico Internacional y Seminario
P.O. Box 530212 Debary, FL 32753
Tel. No: 877-391-3741

Lectureships and Adjunct Professorships
Dr. Davis has served as a Staley Lecturer for universities and colleges, including Trinity College and Seminary and Milligan College, and taught courses in theology and ethics at a number of colleges and graduate programs including Wheaton College, St. Ambrose University, the University of Iowa School of Religion.

Sponsor Pastoral Education and Training


Underwriting the expenses for pastoral training is one of the best investments in Kingdom ministry.  It multiplies its impact over time and distance!   Invest in the education of an urban pastor!  For most in urban ministry, attending Bible college or seminary is virtually impossible. It is too expensive, offered far from their homes, and seldom relates to urban life and ministry. By investing in an urban leader’s spiritual training, and doing it right where they live, you enable that worker to sharpen their skills and to receive seminary-level training right in their own community!

Donate Textbooks
Every class we offer has both required and suggested textbooks.  You can help defray expenses for an urban leader by purchasing one or more of these textbooks through Amazon.com.

Support a Scholarship Program for a TUMI Student
For $10 per month, you can contribute to a fund to help defray tuition and fees for a needy TUMI student

Underwrite Pastor's Certificate Program
For $1,000, you can sponsor an entire Certificate program for one student at The Urban Ministry Institute.   

Form a Let God Arise! Prayer Concert

We are recruiting dedicated prayer warriors who would be willing to intercede on behalf on the Church and the lost in the inner cities of America and the world!  You can join the ever-growing number of intercessors who are facilitating prayer concerts in their congregations, Bible Studies, and family gatherings.  Faith honors the Lord, and our Lord honors the faithful prayers of his people!  Join us in praying for the city’s revival and transformation! Visit our Let God Arise! site to find out more.

Teach at a Satellite Campus

Dr. Davis teaching The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) operates satellite campuses in inner-city churches, urban ministries, seminaries and prisons. Many of our satellites could offer more classes if there were more volunteers willing and able to lead TUMI classes (“mentors”).

Mentors are responsible to implement courses by:

  • encouraging and recording student attendance
  • assisting the students in understanding, and working together, on the curriculum
  • helping students select appropriate ministry projects
  • tutoring students
  • reporting the students’ needs and progress to the Satellite Coordinator

Most classes meet for two hours on a weeknight, for eight weeks. Mentors prepare by reviewing the lesson for the week and come prepared to lead the discussion with the students.

Mentors should be committed to the Church and to discipling urban leaders. Mentors do not need formal theological training, but must have sufficient ministry experience to mentor other pastors.

All mentors must affirm World Impact’s statement of faith and receive approval through the TUMI satellite.

Click here to view a list of TUMI Satellites.  If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a TUMI mentor, please contact us.

Volunteer With Us!

Calling all volunteers! We have a broad range of specific projects and tasks for which you and/or your group may come and volunteer.  Don’t hesitate, come and volunteer your time with us!