To Provide Urban Ministry Resources

TUMI strives to provide urban churches with affordable, effective resources for leadership development, church renewal, spiritual formation, and pioneer mission. As an organization deeply committed to creating resources which are theologically credible, culturally attractive, and economically affordable, we strive to produce innovative ministry resources designed especially for use in the urban church worship and ministry setting. We offer a rich array of spiritual formation and ministry training tools to individuals, churches, and organizations, all for the purpose of enabling called and gifted urban Christians to grow to spiritual maturity and to do effective urban ministry. We offer a broad portfolio of training resources, ranging from our seminary-level instruction curricula to personal and small group materials designed for home and classroom use.

Affordable Tools for Ministry and Mission

Why We Must Equip Cross Cultural Ministers among the PoorcIMG_6536-.jpg

God chooses the broken to confound the whole, the foolish to shame the wise, the poor to astound the rich, the base and the despised to shame the honorable, and the weak to humble the strong. God chooses and exalts what men tend to reject and despise (cf. 1 Corinthians 1:26-29).

The Need for Quality, Affordable Training Resources
Nothing in the history of the world has been more empowering or redemptive than the church among the poor, and our passion is to strengthen and multiply churches in urban communities across America and the world. We offer a number of resources for leadership development, church growth, and pioneer mission that are affordable, reproducible, adaptable, and sensitive to the issues in the city.

With the numbers of urban dwellers exponentially increasing annually around the world, the urgency of training large numbers of qualified spiritual laborers has never been greater. In order to reproduce and equip as we should, we will need to find ways to make training more accessible, more affordable, and more relevant to the issues and needs shaping urban life and spirituality. TUMI's dedication to providing resources which are simultaneously stellar in content and affordable in price drives every one of our many curricula production projects and our leadership education events. Below is a full catalogue of our current sponsoring events and leadership training materials available for your perusal and purchase.

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