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TUMI Resources Now Available on Kindle!

Digitized, searchable resources now available for the PC, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Reader, and Smartphone!

It's finally done!  After long last, we have completed digitizing our Capstone Curriculum, and it is now available on the Kindle book reader!  Through the Lord's generous care, we have now digitized the entire English edition of Capstone, and God willing, we will soon have it done for our Spanish Capstone. In addition, we also have other select TUMI resources that are now available via Kindle. The digital Capstone is a handy complement to your Capstone Students Softcover Workbook; the accessibility and versatility of the digital editions ensures that the Kindle version of Capstone will be a lifetime resource for sermon preparation, Bible Study, and theological research. These versions are formatted excellently, and, of course, each module now has the profoundly helpful Kindle search capacity and linking features that make these volumes spectacular study resources. 

We have created three different lists on Amazon that you can access to help you browse our Kindle resources:


A Word from our Director

Read here a special challenge to our Hope School student body from our Director, Dr. Don L. Davis.

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  1. Expecting to graduate? If you think you are close to graduating soon, please contact us so we can review your transcripts with you, and confirm your readiness to graduate this year.
  2. Phenomenal resources for your spiritual walk! Take a look at the exciting resources our faculty and staff have developed, designed to enrich your walk with Christ, and equip you for effective ministry in your church!
  3. Great teaching . . . for free! Hear online and download dozens of teaching and lecture sessions by Dr. Davis and other great teachers at our new media resources at tumimedia.org!
  4. TUMI National and Satellite Graduations. Be encouraged by the students who have graduated from TUMI worldwide!

Ask God to Help Us Equip Leaders Worldwide

  1. We have many potential partnerships with denominations that could launch multiple satellite locations such as the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Foursquare as well as many international opportunities.
  • Pray also for godly competent Christians who can help translate the rich cache of TUMI resources that need to be made available to Spanish speaking churches at home and abroad.
  1. TUMI now supports 152 satellites.  Please refer to our Satellite Locations page to see a complete listing of these.

Annual Theme, 2012-2013: The Spirit of the Lord

Our 2012-2013 Theme: The Spirit of the Lord
This year's guidebook, The Spirit of the LORD: The Sacred Roots Annual 2012-2013, highlights the person and work of the Holy Spirit in our Lord's revelation and redemption. A complimentary resource to our Church Year Calendar by the same name, this annual follows the Lectionary's Year C readings, tracing the meaning of Jesus' kingdom ministry through the lens of the Holy Spirit's anointing and leading. Come, join us as we seek and celebrate the presence of God's gracious guarantee of our inheritance in Christ - the Spirit of the LORD!

This year, we will make the person and work of the Holy Spirit the primary center of our shared spirituality, i.e., our reflection, devotion, discussion, and meditation. The predominant image will be Tim Ladwig’s masterful depiction of the Spirit’s descent on the day of Pentecost, recounted in Acts chapter 2. (This striking image on our Annual cover is available for your purchase on our website www.tumi.org/art). Pentecost will be our launching pad from which we will seek to view every dimension of our Lord’s incarnation, life, and passion. Without a doubt, every facet and scene of our Lord’s drama is influenced by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and we will strive to see his working and leading in all of God’s sacred story, from the hope of Jesus as the promised Messiah until his return as Victorious Lord and Bridegroom of the Church. In all our Lord did, the Holy Spirit’s ministry was both powerful and prominent. Our TUMI ANNUAL PAGE can help you understand from an in depth perspective why and how we integrate the annual theme with our journey through the Christian Year.

2012-2013 calendar front image for web-6002012-2013 Church Year Calendar: The Spirit of the Lord
The Holy Spirit of God (the third person of the Trinity) empowers the Church to worship and serve God through Christ. As the one who inspired the prophets to write the Scriptures, he alone reveals the mystery of Christ's work to us. He alone illumines us as to the meaning of God's saving work in Christ, and provides us the power to fulfill God's will and advance his Kingdom in the earth.

Our 2012-13 Church Year Calendar, The Spirit of the LORD, displays some of the rich biblical imagery associated with the Holy Spirit's person and work. These images provide a clear framework of the Spirit's mighty work within our Lord's life and ministry -- our Savior operated with the Spirit's anointing in all his redemptive work for humankind.This calendar follows the Christian Year, which starts on Advent's first Sunday and ends with the week of the Feast of the Reign of Christ the King. We also list the weekly texts of Revised Common Lectionary Year C, the major Christian feast days, along with commentary on their meaning within the larger Story of God. Come, join us as we celebrate the presence of God's gracious guarantee of our inheritance in Christ - the Spirit of the LORD! Get your copy of The Spirit of the Lord calendar today, and follow the Story of the Christ throughout the year!

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