Master the Bible System

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Without question, the most important resource in the development of Christian discipleship and pastoral leadership is a mastery of the sacred Scriptures. The Apostle Paul asserted that not only were the Scriptures “breathed out” by God (making them utterly unique to all other literature), but that they were “profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work,” 2 Tim. 3:16b-17 (ESV). A mastery of the Bible and its message is critical to every phase of effective urban ministry, and the ability to help others master the Bible is essential to preparing the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4.12).

Convinced that Scripture memorization is one of the most efficient and effective means of Bible mastery, we created The Master the Bible System to help develop this discipline in the lives of believers from new converts to Christian leaders. This system is specifically designed to help not only the new believer but also the developing urban disciple to gain a mastery the Bible’s central message, texts, doctrines, and themes with a focus on Scripture memorization. Each series highlights a critical theme for Christian growth and spiritual formation, each uniquely enabling the growing Christian to strive toward full maturity in Christ through study, Scripture memorization, and daily meditation upon the Bible’s key doctrines, its central story line, the life of Christ, and the disciplines of spiritual growth.

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Master the Bible Overview

The Master the Bible System is a four-series Scripture memorization regimen which includes both audio and video resources. Concentrating on the central texts of the Scriptures, and organized in a easy-to-use outline, the System is divided into four series, each explained carefully and arranged for personal and/or group study in our Master the Bible System Guidebook. The Master the Bible System Series titles are:

Series 1: New Beginnings in Christ -- Foundations of the Faith
In order to master the Bible, we must first know the Lord through faith in Christ. Without salvation, the Bible cannot fully be understood and applied. This series focuses on our understanding of the critical elements of the Gospel, salvation by faith in Christ, repentance from sin, and adoption into the family of God. Here we see how Christ serves as the foundation of the Christian life, and how baptism and membership in a local church are essential to our growth and maturity in Christ.
Evangelism is believing the Good News, that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and on the third day rose again from the dead. We must repent and believe the Good News of God's love in Christ, and through faith, we are regenerated (born anew) and adopted into God's family. The promise of salvation was given in the OT and fulfilled in Christ. Now by faith in him we are assured of eternal life, and become members of his family. We are to be baptized and become members of the body of Christ. We are called to walk with God, grow in sound doctrine, and to walk in the Spirit, becoming more like Christ. God will give us opportunity to share our new life with others through our lives and our witness.
Series 2: From Before to Beyond Time -- Understanding the Story of God

The key to mastering the Bible is coming to discern the Story of God in the storyline of the Bible. The reign and rule of God, which was discarded and rebelled against through the devil and sinful humankind, is being restored in the universe through the person and work of Jesus Christ. From the Garden, God promised a divine warrior would come and crush the head of the serpent (Satan, the devil), bringing an end to the reign of death and making the entire creation new once more.

In the person of Jesus Christ and through his death and resurrection, God's promise to Abraham and the patriarchs has been fulfilled for the world. Soon, Christ will return in glory and consummate the Story of God's redemption, restoring God's reign and refreshing God's universe under his rule. As disciples, we are called to learn and live out this Story in our worship, lives, and service.
Series 3: Living the Christ Life - Participating in Jesus' Story
In the person of Jesus Christ, God has won the victory over sin, death, the curse, and the devil. Together, all people from every clan and country who believe, are the people of the resurrection, the community of Christus Victor. Through faith in Jesus we have been united to God into Christ, and are now the children of God, indwelt by the Spirit. Through faith we understand the coming of Jesus into the world as the center of history and the key to salvation. We now live between the First and Second Comings of our Lord. During his first coming he died on the Cross and rose from the dead, and ascended to the Father, and poured out his Spirit on his people.
Soon, in his Second Coming he will gather his saints to his side, finally destroy evil forever, and transform the universe under God's majestic glory. We are called to bear witness of God's saving work in Christ, and proclaim in our worship of God through Christ the meaning of time and all history. Through the discipline of the Church Year, we can as disciples and congregations live the Christ life, reflect on the Christ event, and proclaim the saving work of God in the world.
Series 4: Growing to Maturity -- The Measure of Christ's Fullness
God desires every one of his newborn children to grow to full maturity in Christ. He matures us by granting to us the Holy Spirit and placing us into his family in order to be built up (edified) and to reproduce (i.e., become fruitful), to his glory. Only through the new birth can we enter the Kingdom of God, and the Bible uses the analogy of parenthood to speak of our need to grow from infants to spiritual adulthood. Being vulnerable to attack, pressure, persecution, and temptation, new converts need tender, loving care in order to persevere to maturity.
A truly mature disciple has a zeal to represent Christ and his Kingdom, has responded to God's call, and lives by the Scriptures vision of life. S/he maintains a disciplined walk, holds to a believing stance, expresses a compelling testimony, and demonstrates a fighting spirit in  spiritual warfare. Finally, s/he shares their life in common with others, provides a healing presence where they live and work, and has a passion to multiply the Gospel to others.
The Master the Bible System Includes:
MTB new design complete set 062012-800

**Through a wonderful arrangement with the maker of Memorize His Word Scripture memorization software, we have received permission to provide those who purchase our MTB set with a complete MTB System verse set in the ESV and KJV translations! These uploaded files are on our website, and are available to you when you purchase your copy of the System. These files are fully developed in the software format, and can be downloaded and used in your copy of Memorize His Word.

Additional Resources for The Master The Bible System are Available

mtb versecardpack-400The Master The Bible System Verse Cards
Versecards and MP3 Audio CD are available in ESV or KJV and include all of the Scripture for all four series

The Master The Bible System Bookmarks
Each set of four bookmarks include  all four MTB Series


Many of the MTB System Resources are also sold separately:

Master the Bible System Item Descriptions

Master the Bible Guidebook
The Master the Bible Guidebook is a critical component in our Scripture memorization resource. It is specifically designed to provide you with a clear rationale for the specific Scriptures, concepts, and outlines used in the overall system. Created to be a key resource for training new and growing Christians as well as developing biblical leaders, this guide is set up for individual and group study, and is meant to be a curricula companion for the Master the Bible DVD set. As a comprehensive guide to the contents of the Bible and the disciplines of the Christian life, it can be used as a self-study tool or in personal mentoring and discipling relationships. The content of the book is organized simply for personal and group study. The guidebook begins by outlining the first century context of Jesus as Rabbi, outlining the way in which Jesus called and trained his disciples through disciplined teaching and Scripture memorization. This same method is valid for disciple making today. The second chapter makes plain the Bible's own emphasis on the power and importance of Scripture Memorization, and provides helpful suggestions and tips on how to develop a mastery of Scripture through memorization. Chapters 3-6 focus on the various series covered in the System, providing the rationale for each series respectively, and outlines its critical elements, key applications, and central insights. Each chapter is full of helpful insights, case studies, summaries, and questions for personal reflection and application. Also, the guidebook contains a number of superb Bible related appendices which will help make the student as they strive to master the Bible. A wonderful resource, this guidebook is adaptable for multiple venues, from personal study, to small groups, Sunday Schools, one on one discipleship relationships, and others.

Master the Bible DVD Set*
In order to fully comprehend the rationale underlying the various series and their importance to mastery of the Bible, we have included teaching by Dr. Davis, which covers the teaching content of the of our Master the Bible Guidebook. This concise, clear, and compelling teaching is designed to help you take full advantage of the Master the Bible System, understanding the theological, biblical, and spiritual ramifications of the material, and the rationale behind the outliens and themes provided. The format of the DVD also makes it ideal for individual use, as well as curriculum in small group, Sunday School, or mentoring situations.
Memorize His Word Scripture Memorization Program
A unique, user-friendly, and helpful software program, Memorize His Word was specifically designed to help believers commit specific texts of Scripture to memory. The program has a unique system of helping the user read and recite the verse until it is memorized, and tracks all work done, letting you know what texts from a list you still have yet to memorize. Scriptures already memorized can be reviewed according to your own review schedule you design, and multiple Scripture memory projects can be worked on simultaneously, all according to your own unqiue review regimen. Through a special arrangement with the creator of this software, we have uploaded for your use complete Memorize His Word files for both the ESV and KJV of our Master the Bible system verses. If you use a different translation, Memorize His Word can automatically send you to the Bible Gateway site where you can download the MTB verses in the translation of your choice. We are pleased to be able to offer this software with our MTB system! (We cannot sell individual copies of the Memorize His Word program separately. If you desire to obtain single or multiple copies of his software alone, please go to their site, www.memorizehisword.com for further details.) 

Download the MTB Passage Files
Through a wonderful arrangement with the maker of Memorize His Word Scripture memorization software, we have received permission to provide those who purchase our MTB set with a complete MTB System verse set in the ESV and KJV translations! These uploaded files are on our website, available for you when you purchase your copy of the System. These files are fully developed in the software format, and can be downloaded and used in your copy of Memorize His Word.

Master the Bible Poster
This attractive, easy-to-read poster visually gives you and your group an at-a-glance summary of the System itself. The Master the Bible System is a four-series Scripture memorization regimen designed to help the developing urban disciple and Christian leader to master the Bible through Scripture memorization. The poster provides an overview of the entire system, and is useful as a tool for reference, review, and marking progress as you memorize. The poster reflects how the system is organized: There are 4 series', 10 topics per series, 5 themes per topic, two passages per theme, totaling 400 references for the entire system.

English Standard Version Bible
Of all the solid English translations of the Bible available for purchase today, TUMI has selected the English Standard Version as its version of choice. In many respects, all of the best elements of the popular English versions are combined in its sound scholarship and fine translation. It boasts the literal sensibility of the New American Standard (NASB), the readability of the New International Version (NIV), the scholarly excellence of the Revised Standard Version (RSV), and the accessibility of the Todays English Version (TEV). All in all, the ESV was selected by the faculty and staff of TUMI as the translation we have employed for years in our studies, programs, courses, and resources. We are convinced that those who use this version will agree with us that it is in fact one of the finest English translations of the Bible available today.

Master the Bible System Bookmarks
Excellent, handy tools, these laminated bookmarks are a great resource for ready review. Each set of MTB Bookmarks has four bookmarks, each bookmark representing one of the four series in the Master the Bible System. Each bookmark includes the Series title, the topics included in that series, the themes under each topic and the Scripture passages associated with each theme.  The Master The Bible Bookmarks are a set of four, color, laminated, double-sided cards, 3.25" x 8" in size.
Master the Bible System Verse Cards
This Master The Bible Verse Card set represents the entire MTB system's 400 passages found in Series 1-4.  These are available in two Bible translations (English Standard Version [ESV] or King James Version [KJV]).  Each verse card is 2" x 3" in dimension, printed double-sided in black and white on perforated business card stock.  Each Scripture passage fits on one card, along with its topic and theme, and is numbered consecutively within each series.  A white linen storage box (3.75" x 2" x 6.25") with four series dividers is also provided for storage and easy access of the verse cards.

Stay tuned to our website for our release of additional series of Scripture memorization units addressing specific subjects of interest!