About Us

_MG_6881-600The Urban Ministry Institute is the research center of World Impact, Inc., an interdenominational missions organization dedicated to ministering God's love in the inner cities of America.  As a missions organization, World Impact evangelizes the lost, ministers cross-culturally among the people in the city, and plants churches specifically targeting America's urban poor.  To support and further World Impact's purpose and vision, TUMI seeks to facilitate dynamic, indigenous church planting movements among the poor to reach the inner city unreached populations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to facilitate pioneer urban church planting movements, to equip leaders serving the churches in these movements, and to spawn aggressive new church planting initiatives among the poor in America and across the globe.  What is the foundation of this commitment, this vision for urban ministry and mission?

On the significance of vision and passion, the Scriptures are clear: where there is no prophetic vision, the people perish--they cast off restraint (Prov. 29.18).  The vision that inspires us, drives and encourages us, that moves us is rooted in a simple biblical axiom: God's method of transformation and mission is people.  When God wants to accomplish something great for his namesake, he raises up a man or a woman on whom he can anoint, by whom he can fulfill his covenant promise, and through whom he can work.  Above all else, TUMI is established on this essential conviction: God is raising up a new generation of Christ-centered servant leaders who are biblically equipped, spiritually vital, and technically competent to accomplish God's task of planting the Church in the cities of America and the world.  Since our beginning, we have sought to live out this vision, and to see God work through his chosen vessels who would launch pioneer urban church planting movements.  Our vision is to identify and equip God's called leaders who are emerging from and called to serve and plant these churches in these movements.  We are trusting the Lord Jesus through them to spawn aggressive new church planting initiatives among the poor in America and across the globe, and thereby fultill the Great Commission among America's and the world's urban poor.

Our History

IMG_0820.jpgSince 1971, World Impact has shared the Good News of the Kingdom of God with its neighbors in communities across the nation.  Dedicated to facilitating church planting movements among the poor, World Impact evangelizes, disciples, plants churches, and and empowers congregations to minister effectively Christ's love to their community.  The Urban Ministry Institute serves an important role in equipping these leaders and their churches as we provide quality biblical training and empower servant leaders for dynamic, effective ministry in the city.

With a deep commitment to the lost in the city, as well as a determination to empower the poor, World Impact strives to facilitate church planting movements to reach and transform America's inner cities.  Since 1995, TUMI has sought to ground and empower emerging Christian leaders in the city to ensure that these movements remain viable and aggressive. Read an overview of our history

Our Field Representatives and Staff

donsgrad-300The greatest asset TUMI's National staff possesses is its excellent and dedicated field representatives and staff.  Not only do they represent decades of urban ministry experience, they also possess both the academic and professional credential to provide our satellites with the highest care and service, given with an eye for aggressive pioneer missions and love for Christ.  We strive to provide the satellites we serve and the urban leaders we train with the finest, affordable, and accessible training possible to enable them to fulfill their callings in the city.  We dedidate ourselves to maximize our experience and expertise to serve our satellites and their up-and-coming generation of urban Christian leaders, those whom God has chosen to evangelize, disciple, and to build Christian community around the world, all for God’s glory.


From the beginning, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) has placed a premium on recruiting and employing the finest and most capable field representatives for its educational programming.  From the full time field representatives to the carefully chosen adjunct professors, TUMI has been privileged to have field representatives with many years of missionary and pastoral experience, combined with advanced degrees in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Missions and Cultural Studies, and other disciplines.  Since our inception, all of our full time field representatives have worked as full time urban missionaries with many years of experience in urban evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.  Not only have they taught locally at the Hope School of Ministry with its many workshops, seminars, and courses, but they have also created quality training tools which are affordable, biblically based, and culturally sensitive.  Our faculty at our national headquarters concentrates both on solid clasroom teaching as well as the development of practical, biblical and user-friendly ministry tools for leaders in urban churches.

Without question, the best and most cherished asset of The Urban Ministry Institute is its staff.  Since its founding, the Institute has only employed full time urban missionaries on its staff.  All of the various roles and tasks of its workers--from administration and informational technologies, to desktopping and wordprocessing--are staffed by full time missionaries with World Impact, all of whom have spent significant time in ministry in urban communities.  God truly has blessed TUMI National with a remarkable group of dedicated and gifted Christian workers, whose sacrifice and service make our wide array of goods and services possible.


Our Financial Support

As a member of World Impact's ministry, TUMI is supported mainly by the tax-deductible gifts of individuals and congregations who believe in the work God is doing through our efforts.  Also, from time to time we also receive funds from foundations which underwrite specific projects and ministry efforts we engage in.  If you believe in raising up urban Christian leaders to serve America's inner city communities, you should prayerfully consider supporting our ministry with either a one time gift, or monthly support of our minsitry or one of our staff members.  We need churches and friends who will underwtire our work as we equip the next generation of urban pastors and missionaries for pioneer missions in the inner city. Your fervent prayers and generous gifts can make a difference in expanding our work in the cities of America.   You can support this ministry in many ways.  Look below for information!

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Our Partners and Volunteers

We are in need of qualified, committed, and competent urban missionaries and volunteers to join us as we empower church planting movements across America!  If you believe God is calling you to serve as an urban missionary, or collaborating with us as a volunteer, see how you can partner with us!

Calling all volunteers! We have a broad range of specific projects and tasks for which you and/or your group may come and volunteer.  Don’t hesitate, come and volunteer your time with us!