Our Support

IMG_8956Stand with us as we equip the next generation of urban pastors and missionaries for pioneer missions in the inner city. Your fervent prayers and generous gifts can make a difference in expanding our work in the cities of America.   You can support this ministry in many ways.  Look below for information!

Receive a Missionary’s Prayer Letter
If you desire to closely follow our ministry, we can send you a monthly prayer letter from the TUMI staff person of your choosing, staying up-to-date on all the exciting and important initiatives underway here at the Institute.   Simply select one of our staff members and start receiving their informative prayer letters, along with World Impact’s National Monthly Bulletin.

♦  Contact us in order to receive a missionary's prayer letter.

Support a TUMI Missionary
Each missionary serving at the Institute must raise their own monthly support to cover their expenses.  Please, prayerfully consider what you might give toward one of our missionary’s support.

♦  Write us to find out more!

Underwrite and/or Support a Missions/Learning Project
As a center for creating innovating resources for urban leadership training, we constantly need financial assistance for one or more of our missions/learning projects, TUMI’s specific development work to create resources for urban church growth.  You can underwrite or contribute to one of these critical projects, and add to the store of solid leadership resources we are providing urban leaders.

♦  Contact us for more information