Satellite Summit

pb_k5d7425-500Each year, TUMI National hosts an annual Site Coordinator Training and Networking conferences we call our Satellite Summit. We designed this two-day conference to encourage our site coordinators, to strengthen their vision of leadership training and church planting movements in the city, and link likeminded leaders to network and consult with one another on themes and projects of interest.

Our intent is to make this a compact yet enriching time, to fellowship together, be refreshed through worship, comfortable accommodations and great food! Every approved satellite is invited, so please plan to attend our next Summit, and bring those who are key in either helping you establish or run your satellite.

Satellite Summit 2015
Our next Summit is scheduled for May 15-17, 2015, in Wichita, Kansas. Register now!

Satellite Summit 2014: The Matrix: The Fight for the Future Beginsefrem cropped
The Lord gathered an amazing community of fiercely tender servant leaders from across the nation and world in Wichita for our February 2014 TUMI Summit, The Fight for the Future Begins.  More than 200 delegates, guests, and staff came together for our Matrix-movie themed event, and it turned out to be a truly anointed gathering where our Site Coordinators connected for fellowship, worship, networking, and teaching.  God met us here, inspiring, encouraging, and blessing us in many ways.  In all respects of the time--its plenaries, worship times, food and fellowship, workshops, networking, and intercessory prayer--we sensed the presence and power of the Lord, and sought to encourage one another in our work of leadership training in the city.

Satellite Summit 2013: Mission Impossible: Adapt to Win
We hosted our last Summit February 15-17, 2013, in Wichita, Kansas. What a great time of fellowship, teaching, and worship we had together with all of our delegates. Our teaching emphasis for this year was meant to challenge each satllite to embrace the inevitability of opposition and change, and to expect trouble and difficulty while they pursue their mission with excellence and imagination. Regardless of how things may change, or what shortages may occur, or what circumstances may work against us, our mission can be fulfilled if we, through God's power, will adapt in order to win. It was a privilege to see our old friends again, and make new ones too. And, our honor to encourage them as they continue to fight the good fight of faith, adapting to win as they equip laborers for the work of ministry in their locale.

Satellite Summit 2011
pb_e7f9094-400Our 2011 Satellite Summit was hosted at the end of April at TUMI National in Wichita, KS. It was focused around the theme, Back to the Future: Renewing the Urban Church through the Great Tradition and we had a wonderful time of learning and discussing how we can strengthen our satellites to equip our leaders in the Great Tradition.

Satellite Summit 2010
Like all of our previous Summits, the 2010 TUMI Summit ("The Good Shepherd") was a powerful time of fellowship, worship, teaching, and networking. This year we were especially honored to have Dr. Keith Phillips, Katie Phillips, and World Impact board member Mike Van Daele in attendance among our 75 delegates, representing the 67 TUMI sites we have approved.

Satellite Summit 2009
We hosted our last Satellite Summit here in Wichita February 14-16, 2009. What an exciting time! We had 71 registered from 34 cities, and 23 organizations, delegates came from 42 of our 56 satellites. Our theme was "Like A Master Builder” (cf. 1 Cor. 3) with topics focusing on becoming, developing and releasing leaders for Christ. We integrated these topics throughout our worship times, devotionals, plenaries, and workshops. God met us here–we strengthened our partnerships, shared new ideas, and re-committed ourselves to equipping a new generation of leaders for the city.

Satellite Summit 2007

Our most recent Satellite Summit was held November 9-11, 2007. God met us here on our campus with nearly 70 conferees representing 27 of our sites, including delegates from Kenya, Ghana, and Canada. Our theme, “The Battle Belongs to the Lord,” highlighted the significant biblical truth that all spiritual warfare and victory come from the Lord’s initiative and supply. With our stated aim to empower church planting movements to reach and transform the neediest communities in America and across the globe, only the supply of the Holy Spirit will suffice.

We explored together the Christus Victor motif, and dialogued about its significance for our leadership training in our satellites. We discussed together what we as leader developers must do to see God raise up a new generation of workers for the city, in order to facilitate vital church planting movements among the poor. Join us in asking God to open our hearts up to a new, fresh revelation of the message and meaning of Christus Victor in every part of our devotion, obedience, training, and witness this year.

cIMG_6528e.jpg Satellite Summit 2006
In September of 2006 we hosted our Satellite Summit for TUMI satellite site coordinators and potential site coordinators. Our theme was “Gaining Momentum,” and we dialogued together over what God is doing around the country to equip leaders and empower church planting movements among the poor. We shared specific information on how to make our training more effective, and enjoyed wonderful fellowship together. The Holy Spirit was present in a tangible and remarkable way! We left the Summit with clear sense of our vision together, heightened expectations as Site Coordinators, and most importantly, a stronger, more focused love and commitment to Christ.

We had 39 delegates from 25 ministries, 15 states and three countries (U.S, Canada and Honduras). Of the 25 ministries, 11 were satellites for at least one year and the other 9 were added the previous year. The others attendees were satellites that were in the process of applying or are considering application.

Quotes from Participants

cIMG_6434e.jpgAs a site coordinator, TUMI has equipped me with the tools and the know-how necessary for me to implement what God is calling me to do in the city I am in (Danville). The Summit has refreshed my spirit, given me assurance and hope and courage. The devotionals made the Scriptures alive and practical. The Summit refreshed me in the excellence of God I believe is crucial to minister among the poor. The Summit's worship engaged me into the Presence of God. It has been a privilege to sit among great ambassadors of the Lord. I have sat at the feet of Jesus. I am ready! Yes, Lord. Gal. 2:20, Eph. 3:20 (Edith Robinson Davis, Danville, VA)

cIMG_6456e.jpg The TUMI team models integrity and compassion. The commitment to honor our Lord through adherence to careful exegesis of Scripture withstands all scrutiny. The patience to listen to each participant and respond uniquely to their needs, is genuine. I strongly encourage any individual who has a heart for urban ministry to join this movement. (Doug Petty, St. Louis, MO )

Coming to the Satellite Summit was one of the most uplifting experiences I have attended. It is pure joy to be in the company of World Impact faculty and staff, along with a fellow comrades who share in the trenches. The common vision was share encourages me to excel and do my best to the glory of God. I look forward with great excitement, to sharing what I have learned with others in the context of our TUMI Satellite. (Lisa Johanon, Detroit, MI)

cIMG_6431e.jpg The TUMI Summit provided an excellent venue for collaborative learning on the many aspects of being a Satellite Coordinator. The Summit also refreshed my energy to fulfill the Great Commission to reach the urban poor. (Charmane Echols, Kalamazoo, MI)

The Summit encouraged me by giving me a greater sense for what God is doing in cities around the country. He also reminded me of the high calling I have to equip and empower leaders from the streets. Ultimately if provided a network of like-hearted laborers with whom I can struggle through barriers, from whom I can get invaluable ideas and support, and to whom I can give whatever God has given me to apply in my context. The times of worship were especially rich and full of the Spirit. (Greg Johnston, Norfolk, VA)

cIMG_6466e.jpgThis time has been edifying and educational. It has taught me that any limits that exist are the ones I place on myself, as well as on God's. If I do what I was called to do, God's faithfulness will prevail, regardless of existing circumstances. Our communities are bleeding, and we cannot continue to turn them away because they have no insurance; we need to make them understand that the "underwriter" wants to take care of their needs. They need to know that God is for them. (Juliet Downes, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The TUMI Summit has re-ignited a Fire of Hope for those God has allowed me to serve in Chicago's Austin Community. A hope that is no less than what Jeremiah 20:9 speaks to. Woe is me if I don't take this educational opportunity back to set at liberty those who are bound. (Willie Morris, Circle Urban Ministries, Chicago)

cIMG_6448e.jpg The Spirit of excellence is alive and well at the Urban Ministry Institute. The enthusiasm and sincere desire to please God by Dr. Davis, Don Allsman and staff are true examples for all of us to follow. The worship and devotions to God are essential for the foundation of the presentations which were all excellent. From the plenaries to the workshops, we were given vital, up-to-date, innovative information that can help change the world, and especially the plight of the poor. I give honor, praise, and thanksgiving to God for the revelations that He has sent through TUMI. May God bless each one of you. (Anthony L. Davis – Danville, VA)