Hope School of Ministry

jmg_3031-600Our National Training Center

Since 1995, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) has served as a training and research center for World Impact nationally as well as for the Wichita regional area.  From our earliest programming, we have trained Christian leaders to be effective ministers of the Gospel by providing them inexpensive, excellent theological and ministry training geared to the specific needs of city dwellers.

Since our inception, we have taught more than one hundred seminary-level courses at our local campus (our Hope School of Ministry), conferred our academic Certificates and Diplomas upon graduating classes of local students, and hosted numerous training events for trainers across the country.  We have designed training resources locally, and then made them available to our satellite partners across the country and the world for use in their sites.  Affordable and biblical in content, our courses and workshops have been facilitated by experienced faculty, most of whom have been ordained Christian academics with many years in pastoral care and urban ministry.

We are convinced that God has selected the poor to be rich in faith and heirs of the Kingdom of God.  We expect that many of the finest disciples and missionaries of our time will arise from the rank and file in the churches of the urban poor!  The staff and faculty of the Institute are dedicated to do all we can to raise up qualified spiritual laborers for Christ and his kingdom among the poorest of the poor in America’s inner cities.  All of our programming, teaching and sponsorships are to this end.

Current Classes and Registration for Courses

  1. If you are interested in checking out our local classes, you may attend an evening class session. 
  2. Please email us and let us know you are coming.
Upcoming TUMI Workshops
  • Please check back for information on upcoming TUMI workshops that will start in the beginning of 2013. 

Hope School Audio - Class Session Recordings

Every class session is recorded and posted here online for students. Click the link below to access the audio files.

Admissions and Registration

susanpenny4811-600If you live and work in the Wichita area, you may apply to be a student at our Hope School of Ministry. [Currently we are not able to provide onsite housing for students].  The Hope School of Ministry at The Urban Ministry Institute offers on-site courses during four nine week sessions each year.  Some courses are hosted once each week for the span of the nine weeks, others are offered as a one-day or weekend workshop.  While any qualifying individual may register for and attend our workshops, only TUMI students can receive credit for the courses or workshops taken.

Academic Catalog
To find out more about our local campus, programming, course structure and how to apply to be a student, print out our academic catalog.

To apply for admission, follow the three steps listed below:

  • Print out the Academic Catalog, complete the Application for Admission Form (pages 22-24 of the Academic Catalog) and forward it to the Admissions Department at The Urban Ministry Institute along with your $10 application fee.  Please note: each item on this form is important to us. Please answer each question as completely as possible and do not leave any questions blank. Incomplete forms will cause delays in the admission process.
  • Give the Pastor's Reference Form (pages 26-27 of the Academic Catalog) and a pre-addressed stamped envelope to your pastor, and ask him or her to mail their completed form directly to:  The Urban Ministry Institute, 3701 E. 13th Street N., Wichita, KS  67208.  Please make certain that you complete the items of information in the box at the top of the first page of the Pastor's Reference Form. Please write your name and sign the section which allows us to treat your pastor's reference as confidential information. Encourage your pastor to return this form to us promptly. Your application cannot be processed until this Pastor's Reference Form is completed and returned to us.
  • Receive the official acceptance letter from The Urban Ministry Institute as confirmation of your official enrollment in the Hope School of Ministry.

Tuition and Fees

An Affordable Education
The Hope School of Ministry at The Urban Ministry Institute offers excellent theological and biblical resources and training that is extremely affordable.  This is largely due to the supplemental and generous support of God’s people, enabling us to offer courses and materials at dramatically reduced prices compared to traditional seminary training.

Because we desire to be accessible to all who are called by God, we ask that people pay according to their level of ability.  This allows us to serve the maximum number of people and helps us to wisely use the resources God has given us.1

The course charges are made per credit hour. The cost per credit hour varies based on income levels.

Annual Household Income
Tuition Per Credit Hour
Application Fee (one time)
Registration Fee
Materials Fee:
Student Workbook
Category A
Up to $20,000
$35 binder
$25 softcover
Category B
$35 binder
$25 softcover
Category C
$40,000 and above
$35 binder
$25 softcover
  • Tuition and fees for a 2-credit hour course for a Category A student $60; a Category B Student $90; and a Category C student $120.
  • Please note: Tuition, student fees and textbook purchase costs must be paid in full two weeks before the class starts in order to guarantee materials for class.
    • All required textbooks are the responsibility of the student (costs vary depending upon the course).
    • The materials fee for a Capstone course is $35 for student workbook 3-ring binders or $25 for soft cover student workbooks

Since we desire to strengthen urban churches in their ministries, we strive to keep our training affordable and accessible.  If you desire training but money is an obstacle, write or talk with us; scholarship options may apply to you!

Our scholarship program allows supporters to pay for your tuition, fees and books cost.  We will record and receipt your donor for these funds, which will be applied toward your tuition and fees.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us.  We believe that God will supply what is needed for the school and for our students as we trust in him.

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1We are able to provide theological training at a low cost because of the generous support of God’s people.  Therefore, we ask those who can afford to pay more of the total cost to do so, in order that those who cannot are able to continue to attend.

Academic and Certificate Programs

The Urban Ministry Institute has deliberately chosen to operate as a non-accredited training institution.

Certificate Program
All of our courses can be applied to one or more of our Certificate or Diploma study programs:  The Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies, The Certificate in Urban Theological Studies or The Ministerial Studies Diploma.

Credit Units and Program Structure
The Hope School of Ministry at The Urban Ministry Institute offers on-site courses that are constructed to allow part-time students maximum flexibility in completing their program.

Department Areas and Courses
Our courses and workshops are derived from four departments of ministry education: Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Christian Ministry and Urban Mission.

Student Community

joesue4807-600The Urban Ministry Institute from a burden to train leaders of churches being planted by urban missionaries and pastors. Whether you serve in a brand new or a well-established urban congregation, our ministry training assumes that you have a passion to see the church of Jesus Christ grow in the city. Our equipping programs at the Institute (at our local Hope School of Ministry and at our satellites across the country) emphasize evangelism, discipleship, and reproduction. We believe that every believer, and every congregation is called to bear fruit.  The one who hears the word and understands it will assuredly produce a crop, yielding hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown (Matthew 13:23).

Our distinctives of The Urban Ministry Institute for Christian leadership training are numerous:

  • Evangelical in heart and doctrine
  • Affirmation of historic orthodoxy and creedal theology (i.e., Nicene Creed)
  • Focused on the needs and concerns of urban life and church
  • Sensitive to culture
  • Affordable for all
  • Practical for application in student life and ministry

Through our approved TUMI satellites, students around the country and world may access our training in their own context, without having to relocate from home and ministry. We give priority to those already doing the work of the ministry, and whose are investing in the planting and growth of new and growing congregations.

If you are looking for ways to become more effective in your current service to Christ, then we exist for you!  Our requirements are that you:

  • are actively involved in your church, and able to secure your pastor's recommendation.
  • are a functioning disciple of Christ in good standing in your fellowship, with a desire to reproduce his life in others.
  • are engaged in a form of Christian service that will allow you to apply your learning directly to life.

TUMI Graduations

As TUMI continues to grow and train up urban leaders around the globe, we are so excited to be able to see students graduating and completing their training. Click here to see some of our past and present graduations from various cities and TUMI satellite sites.

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) are dedicated to providing urban churches and their leaders with the most affordable, biblically based, and culturally sensitive theological resources available.  Our attention at our national headquarters concentrates on developing practical, biblical and user-friendly ministry tools for leaders in urban churches.