Revive us, and we will call upon your name (Psalm 80.18)


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A Sober Call to Prevailing Prayer

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Pray for Your Cities and the Cities of the World

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Yearly Prayer Themes and Resources

  For a Dynamic Spiritual Awakening and the Aggressive Advancement of the Kingdom in America's Inner Cities

We make a sober call to all believers who love the Lord Jesus and the cities of America to join us in forming new movements of prayer for the city, for all those who live in them, especially God's people. We are making a call to prevailing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ for God's glory. We are asking that God might send to us his very own Holy Spirit, to break through the darkness, evil, and despair of the city and bring refreshment and revolution change among the poorest of America's urban poor.  By all accounts, the inner cities of America represent one of the most difficult fields for Gospel ministry on earth. We designed these practical, handy resources to help you pray specifically for the transformation of your city. Join us and the thousands of others who are interceding for the cities of the world!  

Seasonal Focus and Devotion  

  The Season of Lent: The Lowliness of Christ
The Lenten season is a time for reflection on the suffering and death of Jesus.  During this time we emphasize our own dying with him, and so, like Jesus, we must prepare ourselves to obey God no matter what sacrifice it involves (Luke 5:35; 1 Cor. 9:27; 2 Tim. 2:4; Heb. 11:1-3)

The Observance of Holy Week: The Passion of Christ
For those who believe, he is the slain Lamb of God who takes the world's sin away (John 1.29), the triumphant Conqueror leading us in his triumph (2 Cor. 2.14), and the scorned Messiah who bore the curse for us on the Tree (Gal. 3.13).

The Spirit of the LORD: The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up
1 Corinthians 1.18-31

During Lent we gaze at the beauty of our Lord’s lowliness and meekness, revealed in his teaching, miracles, exorcisms, character and mighty works. And during Holy Week, we marvel at Christ’s lowly heart, which would make him vulnerable to the attacks of the false teachers, the unjust judgments of the Sanhedrin, Pilate and Herod, leading ultimately to the Cross, and to his death.

As disciples of Jesus, let us pray intently for the revival of the Church and the Advance of the Kingdom.

As we behold the wondrous Cross and the amazing love that allowed our Lord to give his life up on the Tree, let us surrender to him afresh, for love so amazing, so divine, truly demands, as the hymn suggests, our life, our joy, our all.


Pray for Your City, and the Cities of the World  

In order to encourage you and your group to join us in intercessory prayer for the city, we want to supply you with timely resources containing data on the spiritual conditions of various cities. We have created specific items for intercession for select American inner cities, for significant international mega-cities, and also offer resources the top 100 Gateway cities in the 10/40 window based on research made available by The AD 2000 & Beyond Movement (a global, informal network of Christian missionary agencies, denominations, churches and individuals committed to world evangelism).

Pray for the Inner-Cities of America: America's 80% Window  
Pray for America’s 105 most populous urban areas, cities which contain 80% of its urban poor. Let us pray that as the Spirit touches these cities, so God will ignite new movements for the Gospel throughout this hemisphere and the world! America’s 80% Window

Pray for the Mega Cities of the World  
Pour out your hearts for the masses of lost in the world’s greatest cities. Raise up specific requests to the Lord on behalf of the great mega-cities of the world.

  • A Prayer for the Mega-Cities of the World: Based on the Scriptures, this prayer list is a great resource to help you pray the Lord’s heart for these cities filled with souls whom he loves. Jesus himself had great compassion on the city.
  • Key Mega Cities of the World : Ranked by population, this is a list put together by the U.S. Census Bureau and Times Atlas of the World of the top 60 cities of the world. We put together information on several of these cities. Join with us in praying for them!

Pray for the Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window  
Missions researchers have identified select urban agglomerations as the critical places of mission in the world today. Join us as we lift the peoples of these great cities up to God for his salvation and transformation!

Facilitate Prayer Concerts or Groups  

webpraykmg_4835-600We are recruiting dedicated prayer warriors who would be willing to intercede on behalf of the church and the lost in the inner cities of America and the world! You can join the ever-growing number of intercessors who are facilitating prayer concerts in their congregations, Bible Studies, and family gatherings. Faith honors the Lord, and our Lord honors the faithful prayers of his people! Join us in praying for the city’s revival and transformation!

This is an amazingly strategic moment in the history of world mission, an effort which has become increasingly an urban challenge. Our deepest conviction regarding the future of urban missions is simple and potent: America’s inner cities (as those, too, of the entire world) are simply unwinnable without a new and fresh visitation from God. Nearly sixty million people live in America’s poorest urban communities, with more than 90% of these residents claiming no knowledge of or relationship to God in Jesus Christ. These tortured communities have been deeply scarred by violence, severely exploited economically, and suffer from horrific social conditions and severe health-related problems. Our American inner cities are hazardous on a number of different levels, and yet they continue to swell from immigrant populations entering them every day. Add to this, the mind-numbing ethnic and racial diversity of the city, and you have outlined one of the most dangerous, challenging fields in the world today. Perhaps the greatest liability of all, America’s inner cities suffer from wholesale discouragement and nihilistic despair; everyone seems to live in fear and dread, with a keen sense of hopelessness.

The call to concerted, focused, disciplined prayer is not bathed in nostalgia. This is not a call to repeat the “good old days” of the past (i.e., a nostalgic return to the glory days of the great awakening revival meetings, or any other revivals of history). Nor is this a call for the guilt-ridden to simply spend a few more hours in prayer out of a sense of necessity. Nor do we make any pleas here for simply a little more effort in prayer, a kind of seasonal emphasis in prayer for the cities that could be done leisurely and conveniently “every other quarter” or so.

Rather, what we advocate here is a new brokenness joined to an entirely new vision of ourselves and the city as powerless without the Lord’s intervention. We are asking here for a radical reorientation of our lives toward prayer to God based on a rediscovery and reaffirmation that only God can change the inner cities of America.

In order to help facilitate this radical reorientation of our lives toward prayer, we ask that you join us in facilitating prayer concerts in your congregation, Bible Study group, family, or gathering. We are calling for all who share our burden to host prayer concerts, directing people in prayer for a spiritual awakening and the advancement of the Kingdom in America’s inner cities. TUMI has put together resources that can help you to that end (see below).

Let God Arise! Prayer Resources  
  Resources to Help You Reorient Your Life Toward Prayer

At-A-Glance Prayer Guidelga_web_pic
Based on Psalm 68, we have named our prayer movement the Let God Arise! Prayer movement for the cities of the world. Use this document as a guide as you make your disciplined intercession for the city!

Let God Arise! Day of Prayer Sample Schedule Template
Use this as a guide as you seek to pray through our prayer guide (7 A's) on your day of prayer.

Let God Arise! Prayer Booklet
This challenging prayer guide was inspired by a Gospel tract written by Jonathan Edwards decades ago calling for concerted prayer for revival! This short but meaty booklet issues a call to anyone seeking the city’s healing and transformation to intercede in a passionate and disciplined way on behalf of the unreached urban poor worldwide.

Let God Arise! Prayer Brochures
This multi-pack of full-color brochures is a convenient and beautiful resource that will help lead your personal or group time of prayer through the 7 A's, giving descriptions and scripture references of each step.

Tips on Effective Intercession  

 Find here helpful writeups by Dr. Davis that will encourage you as you pray and facilitate others in praying for the cities of the world, and the advance of the Kingdom!

Yearly Prayer Themes and Resources  
  Organized around monthly themes to help your small group or congregation become prayer warriors for the city!

Biblical Revival  

The only hope for the inner cities of America and the world is for God to intervene with extraordinary power in order to reach them for Christ. Revival alone can win our cities for God! Historical instances of God’s manifestation and visitation will instruct us in the nature of revival, and how we can learn from OT experience about God’s displays of renewal.

In a day and time as challenging and dark as the present, we who love Christ must seek after God with all our hearts and souls, to press toward the upward prize, and to long for him with all our selves.  This will demand discipline, focus, energy, and dedication, but, if we humble ourselves before him, he may come to us in such a way as to touch dozens of inner city communities with his own divine visitation.  We must be resolute and clear; we cannot allow laziness, foolishness, distraction, or exhaustion interfere with our quest.  Nor ought we to be either surprised or disturbed that not all saints will find this kind of extraordinary searching after God to be their great desire.  Many people today seek their own things and not the things of Jesus Christ (Phil. 2.21).  Genuine revival may come when we humble ourselves before the Lord, and recommit his will and way with reckless abandon.  For our God is a God who hears and answers prayer.

In this thematic packet you and your group can look carefully and longingly at God’s working of revival and renewal in both personal and corporate ways, and see what lessons and principles you can learn from them.  The following list represents eleven topics previously used in a former Let God Arise! monthly prayer guide series.  These historical instances of God’s manifestation and visitation will instruct us in the nature of revival, and how we can learn from OT experience about God’s displays of renewal:

The Battle Belongs to the Lord: Spiritual Warfare  

The Battle Belongs to the Lord: Celebrating and Experiencing Christus Victor! In this lost and broken world, the witness of Christ’s victory over evil and his sure promise of a restored creation lie at the heart of effective urban ministry.

One of the great themes of Scripture is simple and powerful: our God is a Man of War, dedicated to putting down his enemies and rescuing his own for his glory!  This thematic packet, The Battle Belongs to the Lord: Celebrating and Experiencing Christus Victor!, focuses on this great concept of God as warrior, and maps out our responsibility to respond as soldiers of Christ to advance his Kingdom.  In this lost and broken world, the witness of Christ’s victory over evil and his sure promise of a restored creation lie at the heart of effective urban ministry.  Throughout this year we have been highlighting Christ’s cosmic victory over Satan, death, hell, and sin, focusing on the biblical theme of spiritual warfare and rediscovering God’s victory in Christ over the powers.  We believe it important to understand and embody Christ’s comprehensive victory in our personal and congregational lives. As early Christians said with the fanfare of their hearts, so we cry with them today: "To Christ be the victory!"

Like A Master Builder: The Foundation of Christ  

Christ is our foundation, the anchor and stronghold of our lives and ministry; like master builders, we build on that Foundation given to us by the apostles, that Footing that no other can lay, Jesus Christ.  Our Lord is not merely a milestone along the journey or an interesting landmark in the place we see.  Rather, he is the goal, our very source, the literal foundation of our entire structure of spiritual formation and effective outreach and ministry.   In our Let God Arise! emphasis we unpack the concept through four interrelated themes: 1) the foundation that is Christ, 1 Cor. 3.10-11; 2) Built together as a holy temple in the Lord, Eph. 2.20-21; 3) building ourselves up in our most holy faith, Jude 20-21; and 4) being built up together as a spiritual house to offer spiritual sacrifices to God, 1 Pet. 2.4-10.

As those privileged to represent the interests and purposes of Jesus in the city, we must ever strive to gain greater mastery and skill at both building on the Foundation, and apprenticing new workers who join us in our Kingdom building work.  Rather than building wood, hay, and straw on the foundation, we must ever strive to build on the foundation with gold, silver, and precious stones–quality materials with expert craftsmanship and care, in order that, when the Day discloses our work, the quality of our construction will be shown for all to see. In the things we read, in the way we pray and retreat, and in all our spiritual disciplines, we will highlight the need for us to exercise wisdom and care in all aspects of our own development and discipling of others.  In all we do, we will seek to learn to equip and disciple as Paul exhorts, “Let each one take care how he builds upon it” (1 Cor. 3.10b), that is, the foundation that is Jesus Christ.

The Wondrous Cross  

The subject of the Cross is arguably the most controlling image of the Christian experience; it is recognizable worldwide for its association with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, believed by Christians to be his redeeming and reconciling death for the world.  We continue to probe the meaning of the Cross for us, to see it for what it is: transcendent mystery, glorious and wondrous, awesome and tragic.  It is difficult to fathom the power of the Cross, even on its surface.  God the Son becomes a human being in order to restore creation and humankind from the terrible acts of the fall.  Through his humiliation, suffering, and death, the ground is laid for the refreshment, redemption, and restoration of the entire world and all humankind.  What a spiritual feast awaits those who spend time surveying the wondrous Cross on which the Prince of glory dies!

In the history of the Christian Church, no other story, no other event, no other symbol has been so integral and definitive to our faith, devotion, and worship as the Cross.  Over the centuries this visual representation of the Tree on which our Savior died for the sins of the world has become arguably Christianity’s signature and primary image.  This year, we will explore not only the bare facts (as listed above) but also explore the larger sense of what it means for the redeemed to be identified with Jesus in his suffering and death, and in his resurrection and new life.  Indeed, both the start and continuation of Christian discipleship (from our confession of faith and baptism, to carrying our Cross daily and following our Master), depend on our understanding and appropriating the power of the Cross in our lives.  This is why Paul the apostle can center his gospel ministry on the proclamation of the Cross to his various audiences: “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2.2.).

Our spiritual journey concentrates on the Cross, and our various resources provide ways to learn and live in the way of Calvary.  In the things we read, in the way we pray and retreat, and in all our spiritual disciplines, we will highlight how the Cross has become shorthand for the Christ event, a kind of symbolic summary of the central and controlling truth of the incarnation and the victory over sin, Satan, death, and evil.  Throughout both the Calendar and this Annual we cover the various themes of the Church Year through the varied lenses of the Cross, anchored to the major events of Jesus’ life.  In a real sense, the Cross is the climax and purpose of the incarnation, and the power and wisdom of God, as this year’s theme verse suggests: “But we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,  [24] but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.” (1 Cor. 1.18).  Read More

The Good Shepherd  

This year we will focus on The Good Shepherd as our primary center of reflection, devotion, discussion, and meditation.  Of the many powerful images of Christ in Scripture, perhaps none is as well known and beloved as that of the Good Shepherd. Jesus referred to himself as the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. As the One who tends his own people like a shepherd, our Lord goes before his own to provide, protect, and lead them into his way.

The image of the Good Shepherd invites us to carefully and precisely meditate upon the care and ministry of our Lord Jesus on behalf of his people. The image of the shepherd is a strong pastoral theme which has been deeply influential throughtout the history of the Christian Church. For centuries, the believing community worldwide has associated the ministries of Christian leadership with the shepherding image, granting this imagery great significance in the work of the bishop, the priest or pastor, the elder, and the Christian leader. The meaning is rich and virtually integrated: to be a Christian leader is to be an underhepherd on behalf of the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, the Lord Jesus Christ.  “Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, [21] equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Heb. 13.20-21). Read More


The Just Shall Live By Faith  

This year’s Sacred Roots Annual invites you to a new level of adventure and courage in your walk of faith.  It beckons you to join the Church in its integrated, shared spiritual journey as you trust in the promise of God as you encounter every foe and issue you will face this year, and, like Abraham, will not withhold anything from him who keeps your soul safe from harm.  Resting on his promise, we hope to tread the same path that has been traversed by pilgrims, disciples, and followers of Jesus through the ages, all those who have trusted in his Word, and stayed the course to the end.  Our explicit goal this year is to deepen our faith, to more tightly cling to the promise of him who has never failed in his good promise to his own.  He is the true and faithful witness.

Dear friend and fellow pilgrim, come along with us this year as we journey together in the footsteps of the saints who followed the Master, and believed his Word.  Come, celebrate with us as we participate as characters in the greatest Story ever told, humbly following the Great Covenant Keeper, whose sure Word is our life and portion.  Come, learn to walk by faith and not by sight, for his Word is true–the righteous shall live by faith.  May this year’s Annual strengthen your faith walk in every way, to the glory of God.


The Spirit of the LORD  

The Holy Spirit of God (the third person of the Trinity) empowers the Church to worship and serve God through Christ. As the one who inspired the prophets to write the Scriptures, he alone reveals the mystery of Christ's work to us. He alone illumines us as to the meaning of God's saving work in Christ, and provides us the power to fulfill God's will and advance his Kingdom in the earth.

Our genuine desire is that this year's 2012-13 annual, The Spirit of the LORD, will provide you with an inspiring, enriching framework of the Spirit's mighty work within our Lord's life and ministry -- our Savior operated with the Spirit's anointing in all his redemptive work for humankind. This year's Sacred Roots Annual invites us to empty ourselves before the LORD that he may fill us with the same presence that animated our Lord during his earthly ministry, and has empowered his people down through the ages. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is both an adventure and aspiration, all to bring God glory and advance his Kingdom. Please, come and join our missionary community as we celebrate the presence and power of God's gracious gaurantee of our inheritance in Christ -- the Spirit of the LORD!