Preach the Word (2 Timothy 4.2, ESV)


Jesus exhorted his own disciples that when a follower was fully trained, he would become just like his master (Luke 6.40).  Our commitment is to ground, challenge, inspire, and equip you as you mentor classes at TUMI. From the beginning, TUMI has placed great emphasis on the need to orient and instruct all mentors involved in leadership training.  None of the quality time and resources you give to understanding our philosophy and the ins and outs of leading a TUMI course will be wasted.  In our judgment, it is the best investment you can make in your training and the fruit you experience from it -- equipped students who can rightly handle the Word of God.

crfernandoclssIMG 3616-600First, if you do not already have a copy of "For the Next Generation: The Urban Mininstry Institute's Mentor Manual", be sure to obtain a copy from your Satellite Site Coordinator. This represents a comprehensive how-to for Mentors to understand both the elements of our teaching philosophy and the mechanics of facilitating a satellite course.

As you consider serving as a Mentor, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the overall TUMI purpose, strategy, and pedagogy contained in this manual. Please read this manual through BEFORE you begin hyour work as a Mentor. After you have read this manual, please read carefully and check the boxes on the form, indicating yyou both understand and support the Insittute's doctrine, programming, and strategy. Sign the document and give to your Site Coordinator.

The following is a summary as well as links to the resources that are listed in the Mentor Manual. "For the Next Generation: The Urban Ministry Institute's Mentor Manual" covers all of these in great detail, but the quick links give you immediate access to the forms referred to throughout the manual. May the Lord give you wisdom and insight as you walk with your students, growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Understanding The Urban Ministry Institute (Section I, For the Next Generation:TUMI's Mentor Manual)

As Mentor, you are partnering witih us to invest in the lives of Christian leaders in the city. It is iimportant to us that you fully understand our purpose, vision, and theology as these define the essential reason that we exist. Please be sure to read and understand the following documents, as these are key to the substance and methodologies of all we offer and do.

For key links to help you better understand who we are, click here.

Understanding the Role of the Mentor (Section II, For the Next Generation: TUMI's Mentor Manual)

In the TUMI pedagogical scheme, a Mentor plays a significant role in equipping students. With the context of their lives and ministries, and the actual engagement with the Scriptures and other training materials, the Mentor helps the student to both engage and contextualize their study data. The discussions they lead provide an opportunity for the students to reflect upon and critique the arguments and case studies that emerge throughout the course of study. Finally, and perhaps most iimportantly, the godly example and diligence of the Mentor himself/herself provides the students with a "living visual aid" to what it means to study the Word of God aggressively, with a passion to oey Christ and bear fruit, to God's glory.

To better comprehed the Role of the Mentor, click here.

Understanding the Essentials of Class Administration (Section III, For the Next Generation: TUMI's Mentor Manual

To be a solid facilitator and mentor of adults in training demands that you be well organized, clear in your communication regarding assignments and duties, and careful in your record keeping. In many cases, the difference between a good and unsound mentor is their attention to detail, especially in managing their schedule, processing grades, communicating assignments, and offering specific counsel at the appropriate times throughout the course.

All of the promised templates and forms listed in your TUMI Mentor Manual can be found here.

Understanding the Mechanics of Class Instruction (Section IV, For the Next Generation: TUMI's Mentor Manual)

Flexible structures that can be adapted for your site's needs are a staple in TUMI''s educational philosophy. With so many dozens of contexts employing our training regimens and materials, it would be impossible to insist on a single, "perfect" means of teaching, hosting, and facilitating meaningful training  experiences in all our partner sites. You and your colleagues will need to use your wisdom and follow the Spirit's leading as to how you will structure your training. Feel free to experiment as you strive to find the most appropriate and edifying structure that best suits the needs of your students and serves the availability of you and the other Mentors.

Click here to find tools and resources for Understanding the Mechanics of Class Instruction.

Accessing Resources Quickly from Our Website (For the Next Generation: TUMI's Mentor Manual)

Our site contains a plethora of resources and informaiton geared specifically to those who equip leaders and facilitate church planting movements among America's urban poor.

Here you will find a few of the key links that will resource you as Mentor as you seek to train leaders at your satellite.

Comprendiendo Fundamentos para Administración de la Clase (Sección III, Para la próxima...: Manual del Mentor de TUMI)

Para ser un sólido facilitador y mentor de los adultos en las demandas de formación que estará bien organizado y claro en su comunicación con respecto a las tareas y funciones, y cuidado en su mantenimiento de registros. En muchos casos, la diferencia entre un buen mentor y un mentor poco sólido o seguro es su atención al detalle, especialmente en el manejo de su calendario, el procesamiento de los grados, comunicando las asignaciones, y ofreciendo consejos específicos en los momentos apropiados a lo largo del curso.

Todas las plantillas y formularios o formas prometidos que figuran en el Manual del Mentor de TUMI se pueden encontrar aquí.