They will all be taught by God (John 6.45, NIV)


Take advantage of the numerous literary works of scholars, practictioners, and workers on subjects relevant to the urban church and urban ministry.  Some of the select resources are listed here for your benefit.

African American History

This needs a short description here.

  • African American History Bibliography
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 Black Preaching and Black Church Reality


Below are books that Dr. Davis recommends for any who want a crash course in black church reality.

  • Lincoln, C. Eric and Mamiya, Lawrence H. The Black Church in the African American Experience. (This is a comprehensive must read along with Mitchell, Henry H. Black Preaching: The Recovery of a Powerful Art, as well as his book titled Soul Theology: The Heart of American Black Culture
  • A book like Vincent Harding's There Is A River is a great overview of the Black struggle for freedom in America, and Upon this Rock by Samuel G. Freedman actually chronicles the history of an urban church and how God has worked in and through it; very helpful insights into how black churches function, govern, and grow.

 Book Reviews

Dr. Davis and others have read and written short reviews of some excellent books you might be interested in reading, adding to your library, giving as gifts, or suggesting to a friend.

Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care Bibliography

booksAs an additional resource for our Capstone Module 11, Practicing Christian Leadership, we have put together select resources on the philosophy of, handbooks for, particulars issues within, case studies of Christian Counseling.

Church History and the Great Tradition Bibliography

This is our recommendation for a concise, yet meaty bibliography covering the issues and history of the Early Church, the Faith, and the Great Tradition. The ancient Church’s faith and practice can prove a handy reference for the urban church today. Check out these select works on the substance of the Early Church and the Great Tradition, and explore its promise for contemporary urban outreach.

Church Planting Bibliography

As a convenience to you, we have compiled a selective, abridged bibliography on culture, urban mission, and church planting movements. Those interested in planting healthy churches in urban communities will find these works both valuable and illuminating.

Church Year Bibliography

Whether you are a beginner with the richness of the Church Year, or a long-time follower of the seasons of the Christian calendar, the following resources providing helpful overviews, descriptions, and discussions of the origins of the Church year, and its significance in spiritual formation.

Church Year and Spiritual Formation

Whether you are a beginner with the richness of the Church Year, or a long-time follower of the seasons of the Christian calendar, the following resources providing helpful overviews, descriptions, and discussions of the origins of the Church year, and its significance in spiritual formation.

Cultural Studies and Urban Ministries Bibliography

One of the central concepts in effective urban ministry is expressing the freedom of Christ within culture. To contextualize the ancient faith is the express goal of all urban mission–to make the faith come aline in the language and lives of the people to which the Gospel has come.

Leadership Development Bibliography

As an institution dedicated to leadership training, TUMI strives to facilitate the multiplication and enrichment of pastors, missionaries, elders, and lay leaders who can serve and protect the urban church.  Without godly leaders, our work will be lost, and these communities will remain underserved and unshepherded.  We consider the works in this bibliography to be particularly helpful to all interested in enhancing their own leadership, or in raising up a new generation of laborers for the city.

Master the Bible Bibliography

If you are interested in finding and studying some of the best scholarship done on the overall theme and mastery of the Bible, this bibliography represents the gold of the bunch! These books can help you enormously in seeing the “big picture” of Scripture, especially as they speak directly to the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Bible’s central theme.

Prayer Resources (Let God Arise!) Bibliography

Unless the Lord builds a house, he who labors, labors in vain.  Only God can change the cities of this world, and he has asked us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest for workers for the field. 

Preaching and Teaching Bibliography

The key to effective preaching and teaching is to know and understand the story of God.

  • Preaching and Teaching Bibliography

Project Management Bibliography

Managing by projects is how we organize all we do at TUMI. Here is a list of resources that you can

Recommended Books to Start a Theological Library

Sacred Roots Bibliography

The Christian Faith is anchored on the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, whose incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection forever changed the world. Between the years 100 and 500 C.E. those who believed in him grew from a small persecuted minority to a strong aggressive movement reaching far beyond the bounds of the Roman empire. The roots this era produced gave us our canon (the Scriptures), our worship, and our conviction (the major creed os the Church, and the central tenets of the Faith, especially regarding the doctrine of the Trinity and Christ). This bibliography is a listing of resources that will help you understand how to rediscover these roots, our Sacred Roots, by retrieving the Great Tradition of the Church that launched the Christian revolution.

Storytelling and Imagination

The Nicene Creed Bibliography

As perhaps the most significant product of the Early Church’s theological interpretation, the Nicene Creed is considered by many as the standard for historic orthodox faith.  As such, this important document serves our critical theological foundation, informing our view of historic orthodoxy, and sketching our understanding of leadership credential for faith.  For both the follow up of new converts to the credentialing of ordained ministers, the Nicene Creed is preeminent as a summary of sound Christian belief and doctrine. This listing explores the Nicene Creed's origin, content, and importance.

The Word That Equips Leaders for Every Good Work: Bible Study Tools

Paul assured Timothy that the Scriptures could completely outfit and equip the Christian leader for every work that the Holy Spirit called them to do.  TUMI places great emphasis on leaders mastering the Bible, rightly dividing the Word of truth through careful and reverent exegesis and prompt obedience.  In order to rightly divide the Scripture, we must understand these great literary pieces in their original context and setting.  Only then can we begin to bridge the gap between the original culture and our contemporary situation.  The resources listed here can help shorten that distance.  If you’re interested in becoming a better student of Scripture, consider obtaining the works listed here.  We describe here how a number of tools function, and give you our own recommendations for purchase.

Bible Dictionaries 
Cross-reference Aids 
Bible Handbooks, Study Bibles, and Guides to Biblical Imagery (Listmania) A Bibliography for Biblical Hermeneutics (Listmania Part 1 & Part 2)


TUMI Annual Reading List

TUMI Core Recommended Texts Bibliography

Want to know what we consider the abbreviated, must-have list of books for an emerging urban Christian leader, and the books we use over and over in our TUMI classes and workshops?  Here it is!  Although there are countless books that may be desirable for urban leaders today, we employ this listing as the core texts used in our instruction, books we regularly use in the various classes and workshops we sponsor.

TUMI Produced Books and Booklets

Here is a listing of the books written by TUMI Staff or in conjunction with TUMI Staff.

Worship Bibliography

Worship is war, "worship is praying twice".

  • Worship Bibliography
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